Dissect the News here, but only the amount you can handle

Note for blog readers:  Nunitak will occasionally look into the near future in this blog.  However, this time my ‘near’ is one and the same as yours.  What that means is that I will cover what I see coming very soon, and when you see it,  even if you are young, it will seem that you only read my mention of it yesterday, so it is only a few sleeps away.  Instead of a big cosmic picture, it will be a much smaller one that is very, very real to you in the here and now, right on this planet and in your nation.  It is a small world now and what happens in one nation affects others.  So you should be very much interested in what happens in ANY nation.   With learning and experience and data one can predict the weather (for example I told about the flooding now happening along Mississippi River long ago, I believe it is in a comment — can you find it, has a date thereon).  One can do that for human affairs too, but it is somewhat less scientific and a good bit more experience is required, as humans are more complex and less predictable than atoms.  I would like you to blend the new stuff into the seven previous blog entries.   Those of you who do not believe either the new items or the things already written about are truly lost.  You will see ALL THINGS predicted, in this generation.  You ought to make some effort to get a handle on reality, if that is the case.  We are in the Last Days of the Age (see previous blog entry).

Nunitak’s Bin Laden Question — If SEAL 6 assault was videotaped by helmet cam and broadcast to White House, WHY cannot we see clip that shows the ostensible Bin Laden before he was wounded?  Just heard assertion on web radio that DOD Chief says video was cut off just before assault, and that raises another question about what the WH gathering was watching.  Maybe the Bin Laden legend needed to come to some kind of an end, what do you think?  CIA safe house near Pakistan military academy?  Who paid for this house?  Has Pakistan agreed not to investigate?  Oh, and by the way, Pakistan SAYS it is demolishing the house, and can you believe the people talking  everywhere do not do anything for money….  Imagine the chutzpah of the surety that people will believe anything, who choreographs the ostensible ‘leaders’ …   Do you think Choreographer #1 will ever be revealed?   Will Pakistan make Bin Laden wife available for interviews?  Do you think wife and daughter will disappear conveniently?  Who will empty out the CIA-ISI nexus for past 30 years?  Big fire from stealth helicopter, how convenient.  Puppet attributes questions…

Question 2 — What are the chances of any Investigative Reporters in Pakistan?

Al Qaeda Insider Revelations  —  good website, keep up with Middle East here

Bin Laden current videos — tweet record set, whatever that means, for this one

Bin Laden Conspiracy

Fake Bin Laden Tapes asserted

Surprising Berkeley bastion of CIA support

— is Obama IN, or was the show for him and Hillary too?

— or did the Seals just mess up the body too much

— or is this man a campus recruiter?

Lots of very interesting photos

CBS video with crystal clear Osama photos for comparison

Central Thread Conspiracy Assertions

Boogeyman Theory — takes the longest to read

Lefties are vulnerable fraidy cats, TIME says

— this would include Nunitak as well as Obama

Sneezing Bear — did he inhale pepper?

— (sorry, the free cat food disappeared, and Sneeze Bear seemed better than gal eating REAL Grok)  Other villains below

D-minus home video that is still up

Does this guarantee reelection?

— nothing about Sarah Palin seen in here

The Thoughts and Musings of Genghis Khan

— don’t laugh you might get a clue here

Tell the Truth and run — Yugoslavian proverb

Just think about all the money that changed hands during all of this, perhaps THAT was the objective, eh?  Would that make it a united transnational intelligence agency plot? Or is Control Guv higher than they are?


2 comments on “Dissect the News here, but only the amount you can handle”

  1. Pakistan, Sudan, Afghanistan, Syria, Jordan, USA, Kenya, Tanzania, Yemen, Britain, Spain, Indonesia, India, Philippines, Iran, Germany, Malaysia, Canada… talk about a long reach, to say nothing of Poland, Gitmo and other places.

  2. Who is responsible for counting lies? Are unproven lies equal to truth? Why are you telling the truth if you say you are lying, but you are lying if you say you are telling the truth? If Bin Laden was fake, who blew up the USS Cole?

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