Nunitak Offers a Hint

Persistence March  E flat by Gustav Holst  ♪ ♫

First Suite for Military Band in E flat — USMC Band  ♪ ♫

I put what I consider extremely valuable information here, the best that I can do for you.

The information should be combined with your own experience and thinking.

I have repeatedly suggested asking God, not some human, for your PRIMARY and MOST BENEFICIAL help.

Some may be too young, lacking sufficient experience and thinking ability, but I already know for sure that I pick up some really smart young followers.

As for adults, if you DO NOT click on EVERYTHING which is in a blog entry, then PERHAPS that is WHY you do not pick up the treasures there.

As for GREAT NEW INFORMATION, it ALWAYS raises more questions.  If I answered those questions, that answer would raise MORE questions, and if I answered those, it could go on and on and I would never get done with one blog entry to say nothing about running out of room there.

I am now answering questions about religion topics raised in the previous series.  You may find where to send your question(s) there. Two blogs back.

So I am suggesting to be more persistent, more thoughtful, more trusting in God and far less worried.

One day people who trust in and worship gold and silver will be casting it to the moles and bats.

If life is so hectic that one has no time to seek out great treasures of knowledge, then one will not find them, even if they are free.

And I am now telling you that the way I do my blogs, those who do not click on everything — and then dig in to what comes up — will MISS parts of what is valuable there.

And if they have a REALLY LIGHT TOUCH because there are a zillion other things in life, they may get NOTHING at all.

To me this is amazing.  You would not believe HOW MUCH WORK it took to learn what I know.

Then, I have gone to the effort to SHARE IT FOR FREE.

A few clicks gets you what took YEARS, SWEAT and MUCH EFFORT for me.

So, I could do my own GREAT EFFORT, but some cannot do a few clicks and then wonder what is there….

No work-ee, no pay-ee!


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