Kosher Bear’s Odd Stuff for everyone

Credit for Bear photo:

All People That On Earth Do Dwell  ♪ ♫

Happy Mothers Day and Cream Pie Help

How to Live on Practically Nothing

Seder Mistakes for Goyim

Bad style declining Passover celebration

— why has Nunitak has not been invited?

Put me on your list!

Doesn’t something involving Matzos come up
in the fall?  I have watched some Matzos
videos, they are even in this blog

Is a sweater and pressed slacks okay, or should
I wear a black suit and tie, white shirt, and one
of those hats like the one I saw on Woody Allen

Nunitak would choose a more crisply fitting hat in
that style…

Don’t worry, Nunitak is very proper and friendly
with few gaffes.

Plus I have seen these training videos.

Oy vey, they will call me Passover Bear!

BTW, I know what NOT to bring, but no one has
told me WHAT I should bring.

Are turnips and oxtail soup mix for the hostess okay?

Should I add a bottle of burgundy?   Some other wine?

The meshugenah people are baffled because they just cannot figure out which denomination or religious group makes kosher bears.  But what if kosher bears are something different that belongs to higher up?  Working with Most High team, or Messiah team, or helping with light from Seventh Master Spirit?   Yes, perhaps something like that would be closer.  So, in a way the bear could be like anyone out there, but also different and may even know most of everyone’s particular terms for the same things.

So the bear is only interested in helping everyone to move up, not in changing anyone’s  group down here.   Which denomination is Isaiah, or Enoch?  It could be meshugenah if you are not similarly for everyone, that is what the Bear thinks.  It is much more like Nunitak worked with higher up and the result is what you see.  I belong there more than anywhere here, see?


Judgment Series Bonus — for those seeking the information in Nunitak’s Blog.

Nunitak has no reason to dispute anything here, and I include this valuable reference which has more than I would have written on this particular subject.

However, he does not say that Abaddon was the Chief of Staff of the former Prince of this world.

Nunitak does NOT know what life on earth was like during the days of Noah, nor of Enoch.  But I am quite certain they faced challenges which we of modern times have not seen the likes of.

However, the Beast that ‘once was, now is not, and yet shall appear’  was about our planet until confined in the Bottomless Pit.

Knowledge seems to be revealed to good people when and as they need it, click below for details:

Abaddon The Beast

— every little bit of information adds up and can prove very useful, life saving and eternally life saving, perhaps even extricating one from a very bad situation

I do not agree with the last bits there, but I do think that God judges higher places first when necessary.

It is difficult enough determining what will happen here, and perhaps it will all happen here.

But perhaps he is right, because I do not have better to offer and there are holy places a bit higher up, but it still seems a stretch to me.

The unchosen leader does not appear, but the favored one can dominate, at least for a while, from a purely personal perspective.

We will all find out, and some will find different from others.

Alas and woe, is there any such thing as blissfully ignorant?

Truly, we have come out of Great Tribulation.

And most assuredly we should keep faith.


One comment on “Kosher Bear’s Odd Stuff for everyone”

  1. Serving for higher up, not for any particular groups here unless it is the group of those who are moving up, no matter where or whom. Not meshugenah, see?

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