Amazing Last Days of Age Material and Islamic Views of Same

Now Thank We All Our God — organ

Now Thank We All Our God — piano and words, bells are better

[some may notice the choice of bells, click on that and then reopen from Nunitak’s blog entry]


Walid Shoebat’s Testimony in Three Parts

You should hear from more than one witness for judging, especially BIG MATTERS, and here is a very good one.    If Nunitak;’s Big Picture focused too much on higher up, Walid’s Big Picture will definitely bring you to the here and now, but offers broad historical  and world perspective as well.

Attention !   These are ALL VIDEOS, so if your bandwidth is low, you will need to download them one at a time, slowly, without watching during download.  Nunitak once had to do the same with like materials, so I know what that is like.  But you never get anywhere without making sure  the best is done with what you have, yes?   I have downloaded many videos using dial-up connection, it is only MOVIES you cannot do that way.  You can do it with short videos.

Nunitak cautions you against any distorted view of the offerings here.  A Planetary Judgment will apply to miscreants in all nations,, do not forget that.  Since God is wiping up evils, some  worthy people may remain, even in a nation where most may be gone.  Do not think the Army described in Joel will not circle the entire earth, read the scripture.  Those who bring grief over the internet are likely to be included.


Walid Shoebat from Bethlehem Muslim antedents — Amazing Understanding of Bible

Walid Shoebat A2 of 7 — Last 7 Years, Treaty with Israel broken

Walid Shoebat A3 of 7 — Stars (in scripture) are Angels

Walid Shoebat A4 of 7 — Difference of Mahdi and Messiah, Islam as peace or death

Walid Shoebat A5 of 7 — The Real Antichrist

Walid Shoebat A6 of 7 — Holy Spirit always confirms Christ

Walid Shoebat A7 of 7 — Wrap it up, Habbakuk Chapter 3


Walid Shoebat B1 of 7 — Introduction (may be skipped)

Walid Shoebat B2 of 7 — Mountains are nations, kingdoms

Walid Shoebat B3 of 7 — Nicknames of Antichrist

Walid Shoebat B4 of 7 — Christ Messiah destroys all Satanic (Antichrist) Kingdom Remnants

Walid Shoebat B5 of 7 — Revelation Chapters 13, 17

Walid Shoebat B6 of 7 — North, East and South

Walid Shoebat B7 of 7 — Daniel Chapter 9, little horn Pergamos, remnant of Roman Empire, Mahdi, women’s rights not honored


Walid Shoebat C1 of 8 — Taking Care of Youth (neglect = all lost in one generation, Nunitak confirms this)


What if the Beast Kingdom(s) are given The Spiritual Leader they want for 3.5 years? When they see what this is like perhaps some will repent under great tribulation? Also, what did the Seven Thunders utter? [ see Abaddon in previous blog entry ]

We all have to work on finding the correct answers.

Walid Shoebat C2 of 8 — Nunitak is not quite so dismal, some may be saved

Walid Shoebat C3 of 8 — Nunitak is not quite so dismal, some may be saved; the Woman Riding the Beast in the Desert

Walid Shoebat C4 of 8 — using your computer wisely, do some work! Islam origins..

Walid Shoebat C5 of 8 — Ezekiel 25 vs 8, 9…

Walid Shoebat C6 of 8

Walid Shoebat C7 of 8 — Gog, Magog, Smyrna

Walid Shoebat C8 of 8 — Ezekiel Chapter 39

If you watch these a Second Time, be sure to keep your Bible open and consult there while using the pause button.

Islamic Views on the End Times  (Nunitak thinks they are speaking too of the End Times of the Age, but is not sure)

Arrival of Mahdi and Views of Amedinejad

Who is Imam Madhi?

The End Times and The Mahdi, Part 1

— struggle first waged in the Islamic World (take note)

Note that Syria and Turkey have already cut much of Euphrates River flow…

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Other highly interesting events in this area ← ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑

Nunitak will be GONE until June sometime, fyi.   I am sure you have enough to keep busy with, including here.

Nunitak’s views on Antichrist will remain undisclosed at this time.  My reasons for this are that it is a very touchy subject.  People are endlessly seeking to identify some wrong person as the Antichrist.  Moreover, Nunitak does not want to influence events in this area.  I will say it is likely Antichrist will come on the scene as a Man offering Peace and he will garner a great following.  And I will offer you some other prophetic material which needs sorting out — here.  However, it will require great experience and knowledge of current events plus assiduous consultation of prophetic clues to sort this out, albeit the time approaches. You may not ask me questions about this man.  But I share freely and a time may come when I will choose to share something more.

I much prefer answering questions about the true, good and beautiful.  I remind you that Antichrist is not your Savior.  Focusing on him could be unprofitable, see?

But you do have more to work with here, you the diligent.


4 comments on “Amazing Last Days of Age Material and Islamic Views of Same”

  1. Notice that President Amedinejad says Imam Mahdi is “the owner of the age” and notice that like Jesus, this will be a second coming….

  2. If you think downloading via dial-up is difficult, consider that most of Nunitak’s life we did NOT have access to computers, nor the world wide web. Books were EXPENSIVE, especially so for those with low income, even paperbacks. Maybe, just a litle bit, you can imagine how much more work and difficulty for us there was with education and with finding out about anything, especially if you were not allowed several years of college.

  3. Man of Peace is coming with a sword, but Man of War is coming with ostensible peace. This is extremely interesting. One honors God and one honors himself.

  4. Fyi, Nunitak has nothing to do with the crazy, sensationalist priests and ministers, many dogs in the manger amongst them, always seeking money and publicity, nor do I endorse the totally lost news reporters and atheist media barons who enjoy featuring fools and followers, thus seeking to to cast a stain on all others, even on God himself.

    The links that pop up in ads are beyond my control, and I think they may lead you astray. I vouchsafe only my own blog contents and the better links therein.

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