Oslo bomb, terrorist profile; Pervez Musharraf speaks; Press Freedom vs Privacy; Intruder with Shaving Foam

Wednesday, July 27th:  Carmen Boulter, Egypt Antiquities scholar,  will speak during  Coast to Coast AM interview, 11 pm to 2 am PST

July 22, 2011 — Large Explosion Rocks Oslo Government Buildings, Shooter in Police Uniform at Utøya Island [Deutsche Welle World]

Oslo explosion Telegraph photos     <— bomb blast about 3 o’clock in the afternoon

Utøya Island Youth Camp Massacre — Norway death toll said to be more than 87 and reports of domestic right-wing extremist apprehended

DW video of Oslo Terrorist — described by authorities as a ‘right-wing Christian fundamentalist.’  Nunitak urges extensive examination by psychological hypnotherapist professional experienced with Manchurian candidate programming.  This was not done with McVey nor with the man on the Canadian Greyhound Bus 1170 to my knowledge.  This is an entirely feasible scenario and is quite possible in the Norway incident, a step towards discrediting Christians.  Nunitak knows for certain that such programming is possible AND that it has been done and tested extensively.  Very similar to the suspicious Oklahoma bombing, access to farm and extensive amounts of fertilizer.  This time there should be no quick dispatch of the miscreant until the full facts are known and all findings made public, therefore competent professionals must be granted access.  However, this incident has the added dimension of the Utøya shootings of many young people.  The deaths of so many call for a fully competent inquiry and delving into all aspects of the perpetrator’s life, especially over the last five years.

Portrait of a killer  <—

More <—

4,000 receive Pink Slips as NASA sheds Shuttle Ops personnel while  Record Heat Wave afflicts USA. [info only, no clicks on this one]

Stupid no-passing zone violation kills five, produces horrible injuries for more

You can tune up Live C-Span video right now —  by clicking  here.

Pervez Musharraf speaking about Pakistan

— seen and heard on C-Span 3 July 21st

July 22d — Musharraf speaking on C-Span 3 again.  He says that Bin Laden would have been used as a bargaining chip if he had known that Bin Laden was hiding in Abbottabad.  Mr. Musharraf was LIVE THERE again and he sounds like he is interested in leading Pakistan again, did not quite say “I shall return” but left strong implications of that, declined to give details of Judiciary fiddling…

From July 21st — Former Pakistan leader shifts blame for Pakistan turmoil to history since 1979, to USA nuclear policy, missed window of opportunity with Taleban 2001–2002.  Frequent mention of Tribal Areas now flooded with Taleban and al-Qaeda types.  Sovereignty issue raised about drone missiles and Osama bin Laden raid.  Seems to say Pakistan was forced to become nuclear following India.  Musharraf says Kashmir issue might have been resolved during his tenure as well, implying another missed opportunity.  “Fleeting opportunities do not last.”   What is the way ahead?  USA and Pakistan must restore trust.   Drone attacks are too indiscriminate, producing casualties amongst women and children.  Terrorism in Pakistan attributed to burgeoning Mujahideen.  India is trying to ?  drive a wedge between Pakistan and Afghanistan (not clear to Nunitak).  Mosques must stop promoting militancy and extremism and ban terrorism.  Must find some way to bring Taleban into the mainstream (not clear to Nunitak).  Conclusion:  Easier said than done.  Pakistan must show courage and resolve to change.  Current political parties are not capable of changing the status quo, but the solution lies in a democratic process which breaks the politcal status quo in 2013.  The next election will be “the Mother of all elections.”    [Nunitak would have chosen other words, but that is a direct quote.]  Former President Musharraf then took questions…


News of the World Scandal

Late August Update:  NOW Scandal Deepens  <—-

One more video of full UK parliamentary committee session for Tuesday, July 19

Rupert Murdoch quote from hearing:  “I wish they [Prime Ministers] would let me alone.”

Rupert Murdoch’s car mobbed ahead of UK hearing
— Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Miscreant intrudes hearing to toss pie tin of shaving foam and is apprehended by police at about 1700 or so London time.  Meeting adjourned for ten minutes but C-Span coverage switched to earlier.  Hearing resumed a bit after 1710 London time.  Rupert Murdoch continues hearing wearing shirt and tie, without suit jacket.  Was he hit? Yes, but miscreant got some of his own pie prank in the face thanks to Murdoch wife.  Nunitak was listening only  when incident occurred and did not see the miscreant action video but heard surprised reactions from the people in the room.

Update:  It was a pie tin of shaving foam.
Good move by wife, she was out there instantly, stopping the intruder!
<—- better video of incident

At resumed hearing, MP says:  “Mr. Murdoch, your wife has a very good left hook.”   She floored the intruder heading towards Mr. Rupert Murdoch, apparently.  [Corrected, earlier I had thought MP said “…left foot.”  Nunitak is a bit deaf]

Rupert Murdoch reiterates apology for News of the World incidents and promises to work tirelessly to avoid further wrongdoing at any company he runs. He promises full cooperation with the police.

1300 EST USA:  Rebekah Brooks, News of the World Editor,  now testifying at UK Hearing !  She says investigator payments would have gone through Managing Editor  and “I have never known or sanctioned payments to police officers…”

BBC video of Rebekah Brooks testifying

Nunitak must leave off here, but regards the upcoming testimony as the most critical.  No 5th Amendment in UK as far as I know.   Sounds like the Managing Editor or payouts clerk might be in hot water.

Score: Four Stars for Rupert Murdoch’s wife.  MPs determined to lay blame, but Chief Culprit not yet discernible, even though the affair is taking a toll amongst police and media people.

Nunitak’s First Finding

Four digit cell phone and bank PINS are inadequate.  These should be adjusted to 7 digits as soon as possible.  That is how the cell phone voice mail hackers got in by dint of persistence, four digits is too easy to crack.


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