Comprehending Existence and Non-Existence

This is an Answer to a Question — not perfect, but perhaps helpful…

These have to do with MORE than mere matter.  Matter which has been converted to energy no longer exists as matter and conversely.

In order for anything to exist, it must be actualized in some way.  Energies can condense to form matter in the cosmos.

There are Actualized Realities and they all have potentials.  Not all potentials are actualized.  Only compossibles are actualized, sequentially and in accord with High Master Plans..

New existences (coming into existence) must be compossible.   The Trinity oversee all Actualized Realities of whatever kind, and there are different ones.  For example, the physics of the Central High Heaven is different from our universe (earth location).  There are three basic particles instead of two (something like that)  and many more elements (1000 elements vs 100 here).  As the Trinity are Absolute and Infinite beings, so also the Cosmos has infinite potentials.

But, speaking of existences other than mere matter, any new item must be compossible.  The Absolute Overseers do not allow incompossibles.  Everything you see at a given time and place is compossible.

If something has existence within the cosmos, the only place where it could have non-existence is outside of the cosmos which is the place of nothingness — NOTHING exists there.

So, if you are here, or mere matter is here, both you and matter have actual existence.  Matter can be recycled.  It is also a fact that beings can be recycled if they are deemed unworthy of continuing existence.  However, that process is very analogous to recycling, of mind and spirit factors, not just material in whatever bodily form.  The identity of such a recycled being no longer exists, so the person becomes non-existent.

The process must be sanctioned by the Ancients of Days.  It is NOT like committing suicide on earth.  A person who desires non-existence must be judged unworthy from higher up.   Or they could be a person who is NOT UNworthy, but who has made a VOLUNTARY and FULLY INFORMED decision in favor of non-existence.  That decision could not be made during earth life as far as I know — it can only be made higher up.

However, some beings can go out of existence if they exhaust mercy by dedicating themselves to great evils which cannot be condoned at higher resurrection levels.

So, as far as I know, matter can go out of existence by changing to energy.  But the energy is still in the cosmos.  Outside of the cosmos there is nothing, you would have to be equal to God to function there.  It is unattainable as far as I know — your existence there would violate the condition of nothingness.  If you could go there you would be absolutely stranded, worse than blind, deaf.

You are a cosmic being and all actualized realities are very much open to you, sooner or later.  ***

The ‘perspective of no perspective’ is a senseless paradox.  A perspective is necessary and is intended.  It is not constant even within our current level of existence.  My perspective has changed dramatically all through life.  You do have a perspective.  It can be enlarged by Truth.  There is heavenly MIND ministry even on our current low level.

We are potentially eternal but as far as I know that involves continually perfecting existence within the continually perfecting COSMOS — unless we choose non-existence or are otherwise judged unworthy.  Such a judgment must be sanctioned by the Ancients of Days, other beings regardless of rank, cannot so rule.

So we could REQUEST non-existence at some further point of path, and there is counseling from higher up to make certain this choice is fully informed.  Individual will is respected.  Few choose non-existence.  Were it possible for you to LEAVE the cosmos, you would be non-existent — in nothingness — but as I have said that is not possible.  Nor is it possible for matter and energy.

There is a rind of unpervaded SPACE surrounding the cosmos.

You can be LOST in the cosmos from your point of view, but you cannot be non-existent.

It is all much more like SCIENCE than like SOLIPSISM.

Do not get too overly wrapped up in yourself.  The remainder of us are all real.

We do all face similar challenges and opportunities, but we are all UNIQUE individuals, unique personalities.  There might be similar beings in the cosmos, but no two like us are EXACTLY the same, not even within the entire cosmos.  God has made it that way — check out the diversity even here, even on material levels.

There is not one flower nor one musical instrument.  It is much more like a blending of diverse instruments in a SYMPHONY.  There is some disharmony possible on lower levels, but perfections rule progressively more at higher levels.  Harmony….

Any two beings within the cosmos, even ones from different nations here, or from different planets considering the whole, are potentially harmonious.

The disharmony we have is a consequence of imperfection, or better:  incompleted perfection.  You can add an ‘s’ to both of those: imperfections, incomplete perfections

This world is real and it will gradually join and enjoy perfection with all perfected spheres.

“Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”  Like the 1 billion PERFECT spheres of the Central Heaven.  You go through MANY places before arriving there, but arrive you will, if you so desire.  But even the places before that are heavenly.  Perfection is attained gradually.

Perfect inhabitants are what constitutes a perfect place.   We move to our next best level of schooling for our attained perfection level, continually

But higher beings visit more and more often as we move through succeeding levels.

Be a little more objective.  Wholly subjective is not good.   Ask for light and you will receive it.  Ask and you shall receive.  Life requires balance, but is intended to be provocative.  Challenges are necessary for development.

You can create your own existence, along with God, who has given you, or better, shares with you, some of his own powers.  Total separateness is death, a form of non-existence, ‘budding’ but not quite achieved.  You exist in relationship to others and to all.  To Others and to ALL as well.

Potentials of perfection will be actualized gradually and eventually as some can already see here on our sphere.

***There are private places, and  our type of being has such private places as well —  where dissimilar beings are not allowed. There are places like a residence too, where others must be invited.   Nevertheless, many different types of beings do occupy the exceedingly more vast common parts of all reality levels — including the highest places.

We are ‘only-begotten’ unique individuals similar to Creator Sons.  However, unlike Creator Sons, we do not have INFINITE endowments during this Cosmic Era.  The current Cosmic Era completes when the 7 time and space Superuniverses surrounding the Central Heaven attain cosmic perfection.  We will obtain FINITE PERFECTION during this same age.  After that, and perhaps before, it may be possible for some of us to attain ‘some’  transcendental perfections, mostly during work at the highest levels, but still quite short of absolute perfection.   A Creator Son has absolute perfection as regards his endowments (and infinitely so — for his endowments).   But we are finite, destined in the first instance to become perfected finites.  If God is considered as INFINITE, a Creator Son is a unique subset of that, also infinite, as to his endowments.  We however are not created perfect but are intended to evolve to finite perfection in time and space over many levels of experience.  There is more after that, for sure.  But it is wise to do well in one’s current grade before concerning oneself overly much with far distant goals.  Near goals are much easier to see and to comprehend.  It is better to think of God as overseeing a perfecting cosmos than to think he is focused solely on perfecting mortals though.  We have a part in ALL, but we are not the WHOLE.

It appears to me that the seeds of succeeding stages are sown during the current stage, and perhaps that is true at all levels.  It is certainly true on our current sphere.  This enables gradual but definite transitions from one age to another.  Everything people do contributes to the Total Reality on all levels.  We are all participating, consciously or not.   If you feel that you are a part of God, or at least on His team — that is, ‘contributing to perfections’ — then you are doing well.  Do not think great efforts are involved so much as little ones, sharing and helping, like a good mother or parent.  “My yoke is easy, my burden is light.”    In fact, if you start with little things, the road to greater appears every once in a while.    That is very much connected to sharing from higher levels too.  Those who share will receive.

Christ, our Local Universe Creator Son, should not be confused with the Eternal Son, an Absolute and Infinite member of the Trinity.  But the parentage of local universe Creator Sons is from the First Two Members of the Trinity.  A Creator Son is like God the Father to his local universe and is authorized to say, “Whosoever has seen me has seen the Father.”  A Daughter of the Infinite Spirit is Co-Sovereign with Christ, our local universe Creator Son.  As far as I know there are 700,000 local universes in the current cosmic era, 100,000 for each of the 7 Superuniverses and at the present time they are about 75%  established (this was an exceedingly difficult estimate).  We live in one of the newer local universes, about 62% started as concerns planets at our level.  But there are advanced mortal spheres here  — not all planets like ours are started at the same time.  And our local universe is FAR older than the current estimate of science for the age of the cosmos.

You may guess accurately that the Ancients of Days, the Superuniverse administrators, are indeed very ancient, being the earliest personnel of record assigned to the Seven Superuniverses.   One trillion planets at our level are planned for each Superuniverse.  So there will be 7 trillion in all, not counting all the higher, administrative spheres which were organized first, abodes for the administrators and higher helpers at all levels — earthlings use the term angels, but there are many other types.

God divided everything into the Personal and the Impersonal, becoming The First Person Himself, a being to Whom other ‘personal’ beings could relate.  Even lowly earthlings have the chance to see and recognize God the Father in Paradise on some perfect day, concluding their pilgrimage from here to the abode of God.

The Personal and the Impersonal is a very large topic, touched on in the rudimentary essentials in a couple of earlier blogs here, titled THE UNMANIFEST, Part 1 and Part 2.

Potentials reside in and are related to The Unmanifest and you are a member of the more unusual and elite if you explore that topic thoroughly (it can be done).


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