Tesla Wireless Power Auto, Psychic Cat, and Condor vs Human Flight Modes plus Help

By: nunitak

Aug 16 2011


Category: Awaiting investigation, Water

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Focal Length:18.6mm
Shutter:1/320 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS

Roof Cats photo credit <–  please click to link to source

Blessed Assurance ♪ ♫  (all music

8,000 Man Choir ♪ ♫  selections

Panflute  ♪ ♫   are videos)

Panflute for September xx, 2011

Very Perceptive and Empathic Cat (photo)

Pollen Up Very Close, So You Can SEE Them in Color

Fuel Cell powered Boeing Airplane

Spiffy Chinese Drone Helicopter (drone means no one is aboard)


Anti-Telemarketer Help

Anti-Burglar Help

How to live in car for Saving $ix Months Rent

Frenemies detection

Vigilant Rottweiler stands by baby all night for missing mother


The Honda Air Sportscar

Tesla, Wireless Power Transmission and more like this

Human Powered Ornithopter — scroll down to action video

— hey, this reminded me of a Condor, it could fly a long time w/o flapping if it got up there high enough.

Ocean Tech

More Ocean Tech

Pure Water Tech

— this one is REALLY interesting

The BEST:  Videos of the Latest Ideas, 250W Magnetic Motor & Lots More for Inspiration

2.4 MW Solar power roof and MUCH MORE

What an INSPIRATION that website is !!!!!!!


GM Solar Power Plant for charging up Chevy Volts

— scroll down to it

Magnetic Motors Galore

— lookit all the videos at the bottom

N. Tesla transmitted POWER to electronically-tuned Pierce Arrow

— how stupid we were (are?) he did this YEARS AGO


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