Solar Energy; Libyan Freedom Fighters take Tripoli; Virginia Earthquake + Hurricane Irene

Photo and Hymn are found here (credit)

How the USA could be left behind — NYTimes

Space Station may be evacuated in November

…  Beware of falling trees and branches !

Hurricane Irene Aftermath — Weather Channel videos for NYC &c…

Irene Damages = less than feared

Irene infrared satellite view  (recent)

WAVY TV Generator Safety Tip  — video

Hurricane Irene coverage from The Telegraph UK — interesting videos if you scroll down…

NYC gets their turn for Irene starting 3:30 AM and lasting through to Sunday late afternoon.   The worst will be likely during 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM, a late morning hurricane.

Irene expected rainfall and winds for east coast cities ranging from full gale to hurricane levels   <—chart

Hurricane Irene Path and Time Markers for this weekend (August 27 — 28th)

It will do Washington DC overnight and brief tornadoes in the more eastern surrounding areas are possible

New York City flooding very likely; heavy rains and flooding NW of moving center, affecting NY, PA, NJ, MD, DC, New England area.

Hurricane Irene threat levels graphic

Accuweather Irene LATEST details video and tornado risks

— click there on Accuweather’s  video down a little at lower left for explanation

Hurricane Irene vs USA Mid-Atlantic and New York   <— videos (earthquake followed by hurricane)

Current Tropical Storms from The Weather Channel <— click here for latest hurricane track projection

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  end of hurricane stuff

Phoenix hit by fourth haboob — August 26th:  Temperatures soar throughout SW USA

Chinese Space Station to begin in September — wow they are advancing fast

August 22, 2011  The Battle for Tripoli is underway

Largest Virginia earthquake since 1897 — centered between Richmond, Charlottesville, 3.7 miles deep

August 23, 2011 Rebel fighters take control of Gaddafi compound

Slaughterhouse discovered in South Tripoli

Secret Shopper Scam Warning regarding Checks or USPS / Other Money Orders  sent for you to deposit at Your Bank

FTC Warning on Secret Shopper Scam for depositing check at your bank

More from Snopes on Secret Shopper Scam

Solar Energy and Space Elements  (this is an answer to a question)

To the best of my knowledge ALL elements are found in space. Even the earth is found in space and so those so-called “rare earth elements” are found in space.

For the big GENERAL picture, spaces energies condense to form hydrogen. Hydrogen nebulae form stars. Some are big, some are medium and some are small.

Larger stars have a relatively short life as stars go. When they end in “supernova” they blow off elements that were formed in the star — iron, calcium and others. A good bit is already known about that, taught in stellar evolution classes in universities. Second generation stars are better harbors for planets and life, medium sized ones in particular. More variety of elements about…nebular evolution subject.

Comets contain ice, so water is found in space too. Water contains OXYGEN.

Just as there is Hot Assembly and strata in a star, so also there are certain types of Cold Assembly occurring in space. We do not know as much about that.

It involves dark matter and nearby black holes.

In the long run it appears we must learn about the long and varied strings of Energy Processes. We already know that matter is composed of energy.

We can make isotopes ourselves by taking one element and applying certain radioactive particles and energies to it.

I would guess that we will know A LOT MORE by about the year 3000. Even in this century much more is on the horizon. We will systematize some areas of ignorance.

The SUN does not burn by means of combining its substances with oxygen. It uses fusion or hydrogen into helium — but apparently some carbon there helps in this process as a nuclear fusion catalyst. It is UNLIKE burning or combustion on earth. Very different.

You will learn more about it in high school and / or college.

The sun is a slow thermonuclear device, not a chemical fire. Atoms and atomic structure are changing in the sun. In a chemical fire on earth the atoms are not changing as to their nucleus, only combining or joining with oxygen to form a new compound, like CO2 or H2O.

High energy X-rays are gradually attenuated as they percolate towards the solar surface and much of these that would escape are blocked by a 6,000 mile thick layer of calcium. This wise provision gives us heat and visible light instead of X-ray annihilation, about 4 octaves worth, only one octave detected by our eyes. We do not know enough about what we do not see..

In a supernova, that calcium layer is blown off photokinetically, like an egg shell were there a firecracker inside.

That is where many stones and stone materials in space originated.

Light has powers to affect atoms in various ways. A lot of light confined in a small place is exceedingly powerful and dangerous, makes explosives possible, even the so-called “photon torpedo” of Star Trek, which some of us hope does not become a reality on spacecraft.

The Sun is in no danger of becoming a photon torpedo, it uses a much slower, more safe process.

It will last far longer than some scientists think.


Space is NOT empty — it contains both some matter and some energies. But light helps to keep some of the matter where it should be — comets for example form from matter in the Oort cloud as far as I know: some matter is (+) photokinetic, traveled there by light energy. This writer believes some matter is photokinetically negative (attracted towards light source) and some matter is neutral as well.

(+) photokinetic positive, like Calcium minus one electron.


2 comments on “Solar Energy; Libyan Freedom Fighters take Tripoli; Virginia Earthquake + Hurricane Irene”

  1. Comet tails and the way they stream away from the sun no matter how the comet is moving are proof of what has been said here.

  2. Nunitak calls movement of comet tails and similar materials photokinetic transduction as they are pushed towards Oort clound by the specific solar rays for the various photokinetic material type(s).

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