Bearly Made It Stuff for September Sharpies; American Jobs Act goes to Congress; Detective work for ya

American Charities for Palestine — needs your help, U. S. approved channel here for your donations

Two people question  <—- click here to see photo

— who is the guy on the right?  If you know, kindly leave a comment (see upper left)  Is he a younger version of this man?  <—- scroll down a little please

Is he the same as ‘the cigar guy’ shown here?   xxx  xxx  xxx  Is he that fellow from India?  Sense of humor… but maybe not whom we are looking for.

Einstein interrogated closely by U. S. Consular Service 1932 — newspaper account about visa

Einstein Quotes

Einstein Nobel Prize Org Biography

John Kemeny view on Einstein, talks about Assistants there (founder of BASIC)

More Assistant’s talk about those days

Light descriptions of some of the current physics topics originating there — how Einstein helped others

He had lots of Math Head Assistants, necessary to preclude mistakes, but others helped briefly too.  Unfortunately it is difficult to find photos and names on internet, much easier to find their later work — but usually there are no photos !   I am inclined to the view this other fellow was a visiting Russian social philosopher.  But I do not really know.  Someone out there knows!

Albert Einstein biography — a good one, gets into the essentials of his work a bit

~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~ ~

Perfessor Bill’s Sousa midi  ♪ ♫

Be Still My Soul ♪ ♫

Be Still My Soul sung by Mahalia Jackson

On Eagles Wings Organ Solo

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There is more up there where it says Archives, all articles apply to today, fyi  You will be somewhat famous if you answer an elliptical question correctly in a comment (upper left).

September 7, 2011 — President Obama Announces American Jobs Act — full text of speech to Congress televised live

$7 Million Art Forgery reaches across Western World

Great White vs Surfer and Dolphins’ help

Bear Safety Rules you ought to know before camping in their territory (including Yellowstone)

— the grizzly facts

Airplane vs Weather — Lightning

— actual incident, all facts are true video reconstruction

Lightning vs 747 video

757 vs High Lightning on board video

— why you should not fly close to disturbance you can see

Lightning vs Canadian Travelers — actual video

Lightning vs One Maple Tree — total explosive kaboodle, roots and all

— many very interesting facts revealed

Big Guy the Sheep is not afraid of lightning — video

— but notice, none of them are seeking shelter under a tree

Lightning vs Jet Set Californians

Sailboat vs Lightning   (pdf – good)

The Diameter of a Number n AWG is:

— all about number 4, equal to some lightning, but check it afterwards, make sure it has not melted near ground

Lucy the Elephant vs Lightning

The History of Lucy

Lucy Reconstruction — video  on upper right

Books for Science Suggestions



More is certain to be added, as usual, but when is less certain


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