Lost Treasure Lore; FDR Yacht; 11/1918 on Lake Superior

Presidential Yacht Sequoia used by FDR

Photo credit:  National Archives

Remnants of 6-ton satellite expected to strike 3:00 PM Friday, 09/23/11 into Saturday AM, somewhere, somewhen
— Friday evening update
NASA are now estimating 3:00 to 7:00 AM Saturday ETA for satellite pieces, but where will have closer estimate in last hour or so.

|||||| Quadruple Whammy for Japan 2011 as Typhoon ROKE brings severe, heavy flooding and powerful winds of 100+ mph [160 kmh] directly to quake and tsunami areas ||||||

Spectacular satellite view of Roke2d typhoon in month, covers all of Japan as powerful eye heads for Tokyo direct hit at midnight EST Tuesday

Japan typhoon photos

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Video Tour of USS Sequoia used by FDR

Lake Superior November Dangers — 76 French sailors and 2 ships never found (article should say 93 years ago…)

More interesting details from Wikipedia (largest loss of life on Lake Superior)

— Largest Great Lake loss of life may be from 1915 in Lake Michigan

Lake Ontario and War of 1812

Great Lakes Storms in History

Extreme Michigan Weather in History

Lost Treasure Tale that interested U.S. President

Secret details of U.S. Lake Erie submarine

Air Sailing alternative — video

— Who’s paying the fuel bill?

Deepwater Horizon Gulf Oil Spill Blame Laid

Al Qaeda turns to extortion in Iraq  – land pirates?

Harvard video: What leaders are doing wrong *******

Looking closely at some significant attributes of The Refugee Situation in the world

German Shepherd with Dynamite Stick — video

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Etwas eine Spitze eigenartig: Pumpernickel auf Deutsch

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~~~ The Weather Byte ~~~

ITCZ – Intertropical Convergence Zone Photo  — very nice earth photo

ITCZ Explained  — (pdf) it could get serious during September into October…

— can be dangerous to air traffic, ITCZ turbulence rising along with polar ice melt and heavier than usual rains in many places


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