*Bandages for you or maybe at least a band-aid; AF447; Vril; Hitler; Freedom of Religion; More…

Where best to find and where best to apply the bandage

Image credit:   http://images.perseus.tufts.edu/images/1992.07.1/1992.07.0326

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Late breaking news:  Hot Hot Hot !!  New China Daily Weekly News video

Air France 447 cockpit conversation during last moments — Nunitak puts this up strictly for experienced pilots’ evaluation — CNN videos and other videos

Nunitak firmly believes in maximum information for all professionals, including pilots.  There is a possible question though, did the copilots call for the experienced Captain immediately or was there a delay?   The cockpit audio has him returning from break too late…  On the technical side, there is the question of the promptness of the STALL alarm and all of that relative to their descent to point of crash, but I am not going into any of this on basis of lack of information.  Nunitak greatly regrets the loss of life and grieves along with the relatives of all involved.  But we must analyze our mistakes in order to preclude similar and to further enhance safety.  If you are not a pilot, I caution you about drawing unprofessional and inaccurate conclusions about this tragedy.  Again, this information is for PILOTS.  They are the ones who need to analyze this carefully.  And they are the principal source for reliable opinions and findings.  However, if anyone does not look at ALL of the reliable evidence then they too have significant chance of unreliability.  Your pilots and co-pilots need to review, think and study. If Nunitak is adept it will NOT help you, I do not have a pilot job.  I think too that if there are three pilots, only one of the co-pilots should have junior experience, the other one should be at least halfway to Captain and paid accordingly.

more on AF447 from China Daily

U. S. accuses Iran in murder plot directed against Saudi ambassador

Possible royalties for President Obama


Nunitak’s Political Byte (these are few as a general rule, but sometimes even bears are provoked)

Rick Perry 1

— he did not say ‘let me make this clear’ so I am saying it by putting this video up here

Rick Perry 2

If Rick Perry’s brain will not be functioning as President, whose will?  You ought to know whom you are electing… [more in Comments section]


Warning — this blog entry is a bit headier and breadier than usual, even for Nunitak Bear, nevertheless it is still GP-14, albeit any such will be in super-swift 200+ IQ category

If your education has been somewhat dis-inclusive of truth or complete facts or has included distortions and half-truths, you likely need bandages for your MIND.  Point I am making is that repairs are often necessary for body, mind and spirit.  Do not neglect calling on Higher Help, remember the suggestions of the Chief Shepherd in this regard:  Ask and you shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you, seek and you shall find.

Absolute guarantee:  Forsooth, you can find bandages at this blog site.  Depends on whether you view ignorance as bliss or desire healing.  Where can one find the Most Bandages?

The Bear has found and used many, many bandages.  Although there may be many more required, I do not regret using the ones found.  And you can find one or more bandages right on this page, even if you are only SLIGHTLY diligent.

Nunitak’s wish for you:  Be healed, become perfect, like your Father in Heaven.

Love Divine celebration  ♪ ♫ video

Love Divine piano recital ♪ ♫ video

Talent and potential at work

Bible versions — controversy?

— Nunitak consulted all bible versions profitably in earlier life and recommends having several versions.  My favorite is also NIV, however, they all have a few errors owing to misunderstandings, even for specific  terms.  On one important point the KJV eclipses the others — it clearly and correctly reveals that Melchizedek was an Emergency Son of Heavenly Ministry, not born on earth, not having earthly parents,*** and further shows that the Apostle Paul was CLEAR about this.  This makes it perfectly clear too that Melchizedek was the True Teacher, and far outranked Abraham. The few who are diligent can find exceedingly more about Melchizedek in THE URANTIA BOOK.   I once had about 7 different bible versions in hard copy, but books disappear owing to thieves, hopefully the internet will be more enduring, but you see miscreants nibbling incessantly there too.      ***Hebrews Chapter 7 KJV

Survivors of Torture International

— are you lukewarm on ‘no torture’ ???  What is the best attitude of a true World Parent on torture ???  Nunitak is at least 99% against torture, but would allow under certain highly specific circumstances (where MANY lives are at risk), strictly overseen by myself (medically, ethically qualified).  And NO, I do NOT trust the military, the government, the intelligence agencies, NOR the medical overseers whom they would appoint.  It requires someone ethical.  Too many disgraceful incidents everywhere and throughout history, including us, though we are far from the worst offenders.  Our founding fathers were opposed to torture as well as all arbitrary, cruel and unusual punishments.  Prisons should not be places for developing sadistic skills.

China’s Space Station Project


The Ordeal of the French Lighthouse Keeper

More on French lighthouses in heavy weather — riveting video !  A lighthouse looks very strong on visitor day, but then comes a big storm that reveals how exceedingly flimsy it really is, and how puny and helpless humans are in the face of the forces of nature.

Aussie News on Shark vs Shark

Cruise Ship Nightmare

Hitler’s Rage

— push the CC button at bottom

Hitler’s Dance

Nazi Phil 101:  “Universal education is the most corroding and disintegrating poison that liberalism has ever invented for its own destruction.”

more quotes from Führer A. Hitler

Lesser known secrets of The Third Reich — video, Geheime Vril details

Nunitak has decided to share a little bit which Britain, China, Japan, Russia and the USA are not sharing with you.  Some  Germans may know, but you should be aware their information, plans, technology as well as personnel were raided and ensconced elsewhere at the conclusion of Word War II.    It is highly probable some items were hidden or destroyed.  I do not know about relocation but there are ample rumors as well as some evidence.  The video asserts the Germans had small fully operational flying saucers, possibly a handful of armed ones, and plans for a much larger flying saucer.  Unfortunately for Hitler, his relations with scientists were not good.  Highly technological work demands careful, stable development over time.  If it is new, the means and directions for developing it require time, resources and much thought as well as testing.  We are fortunate that Hitler was warlike from the start.  A decade of delay might have allowed longer range bombers, better rockets and cruise missiles, and yes, even many armed saucers.  Or, on the brighter side, there could have been another leader, peace, and the Germans easily would have  had the foremost scientific and technological establishment in the entire world, if education had been valued more highly than war.

With a head start of more than six decades on further developing what was obtained, and with the apparent secrecy, there is no common knowledge of how far Russia and the United States have further developed what they acquired.  Location had much to do with what each received and there is little doubt it was not easy, much being destroyed or hidden.

On a further note, and from other sources about the world, Nunitak is even more certain that most worlds in our vicinity are older than we are.  You may safely guess they are far more technologically adept.  We are now in the age of development where we are beginning to find out more, perhaps even evidence of extraterrestrials on earth, moon, Mars.  I would think the governments know far more than is made public.  And I know some are afraid of aliens owing to ignorance.  There are and always have been many worlds.  Science and religion are not separate, there is one God who supports and watches over all.  The ignorant are filled with fear about everything which they do not understand, it looks like they could even elect another Texas president.  If there is a New World Order, it will originate here, not from aliens.  It is much more likely they will save the world  by disarming nuclear weapons, and most all people have zero idea of what God allows and what He does not allow, nor how He can do anything at all about it.  Not that the information is unavailable, it has more to do with the fact that too few ask questions, too few are interested, and too few delve into any sector of knowledge diligently.    I will end this brief comment by saying once more, the governments do not even share what they do know.  As more information hits the internet you can decide for yourself about all of this, but only to the extent that you work on it.  Although we are the new comers, we have a future in the cosmos just as all worlds do.  Many others from centuries ago looked out at the stars and concluded there were many worlds (Immanuel Kant, Giordano Bruno for example.  The latter was burned at the stake).  I have noticed that most Americans, at least, are now realizing that it is highly unlikely we are the only ones in this huge cosmos.  Just a little for you to think about here.  Your great mistake is this incessant argument from ignorance, run by the most ignorant, about some schism between science and religion.  They are even attempting to bring it into politics.


China Space Module launch — photos and China Daily article

Grand Canyon Double Header Steam Train — video [a nice place when you need to absorb some scenic enduringness and to collect strength]

More video of this!

arriving at Grand Canyon National Park

schedule and route

Wall Street denizens observe street protest while sipping champagne

Very Interesting Time Travel Tale

What is a CME?  — video shows what can happen and does

GOO FAQ for Exhibitionist Nerds

Foxy Math for sharp conservative establishment students

Giant Skulls Lore through history — including Siberia

— the Russians share good stuff less often, don’t miss it when they do  But in truth, it is not so much against us, freedom of information is more restricted there even amongst themselves, thus education and the media are impaired.  Too many permissions are required for everything.  Nunitak can recall when Xerox copiers boomed across the USA:  at the same time even copiers were TIGHTLY controlled in Russia.  Many people have been imprisoned or killed for writing truth, publications and private printing operations have been curtailed.  It continues to this day that the Russians are prisoners of exceedingly tight media control, only relieved by what they can now access from foreign media.  So better enlightenment is limited to those having this means of access involving internet and computers plus the necessary skill in some other language.  Perhaps you still need permission to own a copier, I do not know.  Why are all the governments so mean?

Moon Stuff video — Whadd’ya think?

German tourists see unscheduled spontaneous UFO in USA for FREE

Too much curiosity vs Guatemala sinkhole

— this video may be fake, but some people did end up down there…


Neutron bomb effects

HM 1st Hydrogen Bomb 8,000 ft and 20 miles away

Russki  50 MT Hydrogen Bomb


If you asked more questions, Nunitak would write more here!

You do not have a helfpul grandfather?  Nunitak has acquired experience from long life.  Highly possible Nunitak has found reliable answer on something you wish to know about.  Nunitak shares.

Or do you believe that nothing is valuable unless you pay a huge sum for it?

I do KNOW much TRUTH, but not ALL TRUTH.  Some items are up there because they are very, very interesting or amusing.  Items like this I file away, and every once in a while, these sort out, often much later, into some framework or reliable knowledge where truth and falsity is revealed.

If you do not work on all of this, could you fall victim to ignorance or become a mere pawn in a world managed primarily by others? I am asking you to work, we all have diverse talents. Millions are more adept with math than is Nunitak.* But I am very good on broad outline and the Big Picture, thanks be to God. Likely, every situation calls for some specialized expertise, but that must now conjoin with ethics in behalf of the greater good for all, that we may be as the proverbial city on a hill in shining light. *howbeit my math abilities are nothing to scoff at, you can check…

We must learn how to use our tremendous human resources more wisely, the current system is riddled with flaws, impediments, waste and oppressions.

Proof that Nunitak does answer questions

Although the conservatives may view Nunitak as a flaming liberal, in actuality, Nunitak detests the perpetual liberalism-conservatism rift.  Nunitak favors the ethically correct choice, the best choice.

But I organize that for the benefit of everyone rather than for a privileged group.  However, I reward those who are working and producing above others.  There should be efficiency and costs contained, making funds go further for other projects, and windfall profits for particular people (at taxpayer expense) should be eliminated.  We all know about $1000 toilet seats and similar stories, ordinary lawyers and physicians making $400 to 1000 per hour.  However, the highly trained working specialist does merit AMPLE pay.  The faults are rampant in current Medicare as well as the Insurance industry.

Whom do you see helping in history, in current affairs, in teaching, in life and health?   That is a question for you, not a promotion for me.

I am only saying that we all should help where we can.   But I caution against providing unwelcome help.

We must consider first WHETHER we do have help in each particular instance.  This is NOT always the case, but it often is.

So Nunitak is only partially helpful, but does provide help often.

Interesting things you can do with planes — from You Tube video

You may be interested to know that I was never allowed to go through college nor to become a formally accredited teacher or researcher. All that you see was attained in the face of great oppressions and resistances. I have often wondered about this. Why are the nations so opposed to education? Perhaps, like Hitler, the governments feel it would cause too much change at the top. But that has not stopped me from helping others over the hurdles.

Doing Love Divine at big gathering  ♪ ♫

Love Divine in Wales  ♪ ♫

What spirit!  Perhaps we should turn the  leadership over to Wales !

Tribute to Wales ♪ ♫

Morriston congregation sings Calon Lan

— did you know many of them helped to form the USA ?    They are found everywhere…


Be Still My Soul  ♪ ♫

Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer  ♪ ♫

Charlotte Church sings Bread of Heaven  ♪ ♫

one more patriotic song by Charlotte


MEN, BEASTS AND GODS — Free e-book, a riveting account of escape from death and about travels in the Far East, written by the man who experienced it all,  F. Ossendowski


The Space Byte

Who can see the farthest? Well, ask your diligent self that question and then compare it with what you find about the world and the internet, also while you are reading these:

Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud 1

Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud 2

don’t forget the next page

Oort Cloud distance illustration [Nunitak thinks it possible that this cometary material, very much related to sun in ways not yet known* too,  may shield us in some fashion analogous to ozone layer above earth, but from some differing, otherwise dangerous interstellar energies]  *Nunitak is precise, talking about ways not known here, NOT what is known

Nunitak will be away for some time and hopes to return, but cannot say for certain when or if  he will be back.  But if possible, I would like to continue here by early winter at the latest.

Please wish me Godspeed during an interim of big changes.   Additionally, I will be traveling, and that is difficult for elderly bear.  Thank you to everyone who offers good wishes and prayers.


8 comments on “*Bandages for you or maybe at least a band-aid; AF447; Vril; Hitler; Freedom of Religion; More…”

  1. Nunitak thinks KJV and NIV translators both did their best and likely one person knew each mistake made but was outvoted or outranked. Over all, we owe some thanks for their best !

  2. I’ve been studying architecture for over 30 years. It is safe to say that this building is the most marvelous one on the planet. Visit it once and you will agree with me!

  3. I think ‘My Sports Blog’ is referring to The Parthenon, perhaps that is where the illustration of Greek warrior applying bandages came from. Yes, public TV showed what a remarkable building it is, indeed. I think the illustration may show Achilles bandaging Patroclus, if I recall correctly what I once saw (but not in Greece, I have not yet been there). There are so many fabulous buildings about the world, and The Iron Pagoda back there a little in this blog is one of them too. Yesterday public TV had a wonderful program on French cathedrals, pointed arch, ribbed vault, and flying buttresses. How clever our ancestors were, fully our equals as to mental ability. But I am not sure exactly what building he means, the illustration from Greece may be in a German museum in Berlin.

  4. Jesus said, “In my house are many mansions….”

  5. The evil contingent would like to see a forced one religion world. Step one is dividing the Christians themselves. Thus the effort currently underway to portray Mormons as not accepting Christ, something which is in fact 180 degrees opposite of their true, even core, beliefs. In reality, those who seek to divide and to create controversy in this manner are themselves 180 degrees separate from Christ. Hitler too liked finding a scapegoat, for him it was the Jews. Any person who has heard the Mormon Tabernacle Choir only a few times knows this is a bunch of baloney and worse yet smacks of some evil design.

  6. Who appointed Rick Perry as the Supervisor of Religion here? We should quickly ascertain whether or not he agrees with the U. S. Constitution which provides for freedom of religion. All presidents are sworn to uphold and defend the same. If you or your neighbor is not to have freedom of religion, then no one will. I do not like this so-called Reverend (notice the title which implies ‘worship me’…) who claims to speak for him. The Matthew gospel is clearly against such titles. Besides that, I wish to RETAIN my own freedom of religion and to adjust my own beliefs in God-given free will which no man may abrogate. Therefore they are both offensive to me and to all Christians, not just the Mormons, who have equal rights to the inviolate Constitutional guarantees.

  7. Rick Perry becomes the FIRST candidate to DEFINITELY LOSE Nunitak’s vote.

  8. The proper way to feed a crocodile is with food on a long stick. You should not use your arm.

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