Perceptions Discussion for Earthlings

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New England and Eastern USA Snow Advisory:  Nunitak strongly advises you that the weatherman who is saying ‘this is a 1 in 50 year’ event’ is not a climatologist.  You will see MANY repeats and MUCH worse over the near coming years.  Flat roofs are a bad anachronism.  Very unusual problems involving freezing rain, extremely deep and extremely heavy snows are in the offing, including across the USA and reaching down into Texas, and big wide ‘U’ of snow that moves about a bit, and yes, the right arm of it will slant towards the NE.  But even Georgia and Florida will see snow.  You would do well to remember what Nunitak has said here, to prepare for it, and to have a very good food store.  Beware of FALLING ICE dangers around tall buildings, and even icicles forming on shorter structures will pose great dangers.  Ask a friendly Russian about this ice danger.

Turkey Quake — 279 confirmed killed, 100’s missing: China Daily news link from October 25th midnight EST USA

updates on Turkey earthquake disaster (scroll down)

Nunitak proposes a new word:  Exputation – thinking outside the box [that will change four words to one].  If you expand the box, that counts too, because the new box encompasses areas outside of the former.  So this article is something like an End of Age Perceptions Exputation

End of The Age Preface and Questions for Everyone to Decide  [ok, Nunitak has corrected some typos and added some brief clarifying material]

Suppose that you are God who does ALL which he actually does himself with divinely perfect wisdom, divinely perfect love, and divinely perfect goals of total cosmic perfection.  You organize a base of perfection, the eternal central heaven of one billion perfect worlds along with your own abode, Paradise.  Your own abode becomes the source of all energies necessary for the entire cosmos.  Your organize seven superuniverses outside of the perfect central bases so that time and space creatures may evolve to perfection on as many as one trillion worlds per superuniverse.  You do this so perfectly with the aid of 700,000 Creator Sons, 100,000 per superuniverse, and administered by 21 Ancients of Days (three per superuniverse) that even the majority of scientists on the more backward worlds begin to conceive of all natural phenomena as inherent in Nature or automatic.  Not being a Dictator nor a tyrant focused solely on your own personal glory, you do not organize daily reminders such as “this comes to you by the power of God, or the plants and animals are provided by the powers of God as organized by the Creator Sons, or I AM THE HIGHEST, and all you have is provided by Me.”

The Ancients of Days, Creator Sons, and all higher beings have their own spheres, and subordinate leaders have been organized even for every 1000 evolving spheres.  These leaders also have their own administrative spheres.  And each such System Sovereign thus has final and lowest higher level administrative responsibility for [7 trillion (planets)  divided by 1000] one 7-billionth of your time and space universes cosmos.  Lucifer, a former System Sovereign, is not even close to being equal to God.

Each Creator Son is responsible for organizing and overseeing ONE of the 100,000 local universes in each superuniverse.  And that local universe is divided into 100 Constellations, each overseen by a Most High administrator.  Each Constellation contains 100 Systems for a maximum total of 100,000 evolving worlds per constellation, by directive from Ancients of Days, overseers of God’s plans.  The System Sovereigns are intended to be loyal and subordinate beings who honor all of the policies and directives of their respective Most High Constellation Father and local universe Creator Son.

But one of your System Sovereigns in one of the newer local universes, whose name is Lucifer, decides to rebel against all divine rules and procedures, a matter which must ultimately fall under judgment by the Ancients of Days of the superuniverse involved.  This local ruler manages to severely damage not only his headquarters spheres and personnel, but also sends his rebellious assistant, Satan, to implement Lucifer’s own plans on 37 out of the 619 evolutionary spheres already started.  The local worlds each have a Planetary Prince administrator for administering spiritual and evolutionary affairs according to ordained plans.  582 of the Planetary Princes refuse to participate in Lucifer’s rebellion, but 37 are persuaded to agree to the New Lucifer Plans.  One third of the System headquarters angels are led astray…

The Battle in Heaven and on Earth

This all happens about 200,000 years ago, and one of the newest evolutionary spheres, a tender plant, just beginning, is affected the most adversely.  Humans had tribal and clan status, not much more, still seen today in many places (with imported weapons). The Planetary Prince, later to be called the Devil, proceeds to implement all policies as conveyed by Satan from Lucifer.  Lucifer consolidates his rule over 37 spheres and then embarks on much strange blending of his rebellious domain using not only rebellious angels, but even the evolutionary beings of the 37 spheres whom he has led astray.  It seems he had ideas about rushing evolution of mortals in accord with peculiar plans of his own.

Parenthetical diversion

{Primitive men had been on earth for nearly 800,000 years at that time.  Adam and Eve did not arrive until much later, which is why the ‘Nodite’  group was already in existence* in the area where Adam and Eve started, a story with many details that will not be covered here, but involving a time about 162,000 years after  Lucifer rebelled.   The time of Adam and Eve left remnants in our lore, even legends in China and other places, and little was known here at our level about earlier until recently** — though you may rest assured they know the full history in detail at higher levels.   *see Genesis; ** recently means not until last century and involving a tiny percentage of humans, albeit this still rather small percentage is growing apace now (I’ve helped for more than 30 years).}

End of parenthetical diversion  topical narrative continues…

Christ’s Chief Executive, Gabriel, presents an indictment, Gabriel vs Lucifer, to the courts of the Ancients of Days.  The entire System is quarantined, albeit good heavenly ministries continue.  This case will take some time to adjudicate, a long time from the point of view of an evolving mortal.

Meanwhile, each Creator Son has as one of his primary responsibilities the duty to recover and retrieve any erring world.  The Universal Father even requires each Creator Son to actually LIVE the life of his creatures on seven different levels before that Creator Son attains the prerogatives of Supreme Sovereign Creator Son.   While retrieving and straightening out affairs on any straying worlds, the Creator Son must see to the healthy and continuing progress of all headquarters worlds, constellations, systems and evolving worlds in his domain.

So this Creator Son, whose plans for his own local universe have always envisioned a maximum of free will, decides to make his own final bestowal as an evolving mortal on this worse affected sphere.  But all along, there has been a competition going on between the forces and angels of evil and those who are good and faithful servants of the plans of God.  The evil angels may not be restricted until the Creator Son completes his bestowal by obtaining rightful title as Planetary Prince of the rebellious sphere and ultimately regaining the sphere.  All of this must proceed alongside the judgments and rulings of the Ancients of Days with respect to the rebellion.  Meanwhile, the good angels and good planetary Watchers called Melchizedeks, continue to faithfully execute their trusts.

After his bestowal in the very form of a mortal of the realm, the Creator Son has managed to partially recover the rebellious sphere.  The Ancients of Days authorize  the detention of all rebellious angels and evil administrators of all types.  But in the interim the planet has forfeited about 150,000 years of stable auspicious development in accord with divine plans.  From the evolutionary standpoint it is more primitive than it would otherwise be.  The vestiges of the Lucifer efforts for rushing things in accord with his own personal plans remain, legends of extraterrestrials, giants, other beings mingling with humans and so on, stories of evil angels and wayward spirits like Beelzebub (all now detained).

The Creator Son brings in a New Age of evolving enlightenment and promises to return — a promise which he knows is dependent on the rulings of the Ancients of Days for wrapping up this affair with the Final Judgments.  When the Creator Son returns he must do so to bring salvation and security to the worthy beings who remain, while the judgment of the Ancients of Days is applied to others.  In fact periodic Planetary Judgments are a normal process for ALL spheres, not just straying and rebellious ones, and each such judgment ends one Age and begins a New Age of furthering development with enhanced ministries and powers for the remaining mortals.

The Root of Evil in combat with the Root of Good have caused far more than the usual numbers of wars and casualties in the checkered history of the sphere.  Many cruel rulers and dictators have come and gone.  Horrible weapons and tortures have been organized and have run amok.  Powers and sovereignty of men and nations have been a feature of all of this.  But human rights and democracy under the rule of fair and just laws have also appeared, and there has been stable and beneficial angelic ministry wherever this has been welcomed by the children of light.

But at the End of the Age, when judgment comes to relieve the earth of its remaining adverse burdens, cruel rulers, merchants of the sex slave trade, criminals and exploiters, and the newly appearing groups who envision a powerful and international economic serfdom, those who have fought viciously against education for all, who have impeded science and medicine and so on — when this End of the Age comes, will not the Perpetrators of Evil try as Lucifer did to consolidate their gains?  Will they not have armies to bring all people on earth into subjection to their rule?  Will they even muster their armies to fight against whatever heavenly forces are arrayed to restore order and to implement the judgment of the Ancients of Days for the end of this Age and the beginning of a new and favorable chapter of development?

Come Thou Almighty King — music and lyrics video

Come Thou Almighty King — organ music video

Come Thou Almighty Hymn in Korean

also found here — scroll down 1/4th way, click on MIDI

another very good organ rendition

Something different, Russians singing about winter

More  Russian singing — very beautiful

Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee — hymn by Beethoven

A little more Beethoven for you

So we are all at a point of choice and must be careful to discern whether we are siding with the enhanced powers of evil or with the truly divine plans for the perfection of the sphere.

Are you impeding science, medicine and education?   Are you impeding progress by forcefully and unfairly safeguarding harmful techniques in energy, communications, commerce and trade?

Are you poisoning and destroying the world in some way?   Are you killing the fish and polluting the waters and the atmosphere?

Are you exploiting others instead of serving the common good?    Are you a criminal, a thief, an oppressor?

Do you abrogate free will with an oppressive and stultifying religious doctrine?   Have you removed freedom of religion, or set up an ecclesiastical tyranny?

Is your life a boon and benefit to others or do you live entirely and unfairly at their expense?

Do you actually try to help in any way?   Or are you dedicated solely to serving Number One (not talking about God here)?

The answers to these questions are what will characterize the remaining days of the age.

Notice that God and all higher up have allowed us the privilege of making these choices for ourselves, albeit guidance has not been denied, and heavenly ministries continue.

The effects and results of our historically long range of choices are now felt across the sphere.  Technology is bringing great change.  Populations are increasing in most places, growing more slowly or diminishing in others.  Military powers are increasing.  Food and resources seem to be leveling out.  Provisions for clean and pure water, air and food necessarily have been adopted almost everywhere.

The planet is beginning to show some strains.  Can we keep abreast of our own difficulties?  Will we preserve or destroy essential parts of our environment?

God has granted us free will so that we can learn to manage our own affairs.   Will we do this successfully, fairly, justly?

And might it not be that when the final sort out arrives, the heavenly powers will grant salvation to the worthy, and to the unworthy grant the evil leadership of the former Prince of this world?   Seems to me, this is the being ‘who once was, now is not, yet shall appear….

Will you obtain salvation and continue your pilgrimage through many levels to the abode of God?    Alternatively there is a bottomless pit where all the miscreants are destined to await the final ruling of the Ancients of Days relative to the Lucifer Rebellion.

It looks to me like God intends to allow the two principal groups each to have the leader of their own choice, the Principal Advocate of Good or the Principal Advocate of Evil for this humble sphere.

This choice will involve everything we do here.  And it involves too our individual destinies in eternity — healthy and joyfully profitable continuance in heavenly grace, or disgrace and oblivion.

Will you be on the winning or the losing side?

Will you see the promised new heavens and new earth in the New Age?

Are you contributing to the perfection of our sphere?  Are you becoming perfect like your heavenly Father?  Although that road to perfection is a long one which only starts here in your life on this sphere, it DOES start here, and it is possible for you to contribute here in accord with your own daily choices.

Christ’s promise is that if you are a good and worthy person, and even if you do not survive into the New Age here, you WILL be resurrected into the glorious Mansion Worlds to continue your learning at whatever point is most appropriate for you.

And God will not allow the Forces of Evil to destroy our sphere.  But as to the exact time of the intervention, no one knows.  But the Ancients of Days have ample resources and plans in position to implement God’s will.

“Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven.”

Questions for Fundamentalists

Is it better for truth to exist in actual persons or in books or a particular book solely?
Does 2 + 2 = 4, and is Mercury closest to the sun?  Is there a hexagon on Saturrn?  If so, and if the same does not exist in the bible?
Does truth exist in the angels, or in the High Angels?
Does truth exist in The Holy Spirit?
Does at least some truth exist in the people who wrote the bible?
Does an Ancient of Days have an earth bible at His side and does He consult it before making any judgment?  Or does an Ancient of Days, overseer of one trillion worlds and more,  have full and complete access to far more and better truth?
Does truth exist in Christ?
Do you suppose the bible contains all truth necessary for all eternity?  If you have studied it well and properly, will you have nothing else to learn in heaven?
If you have any truth at all which is not in the bible, does this indicate that any truth not found there is not true?
Does truth exist in the Apostle Paul?  If not, from whence did he obtain his truth which he shared?  How could he transfer the truth without it becoming a part of his own being?
Are you saying all science is false because it is not found in the bible?
Engineers who design buildings use truth from science.  Are you saying their buildings are all false and doomed?

Finally, do you honestly think that all truth forever is completely gathered up in one book found on one small planet?  What about II John where it says if all about Christ were gathered up in books, no library on earth could contain them?

Does God NEED a bible?  Do you think that some day, maybe, you might be able to get along without one, BECAUSE the TRUTH exists in YOU TOO?

Point I am making is that truth best exists in Actual Beings, both high and low, and if it does not actually exist there, then few books anywhere will be found to have truth.

So truth can actually exist in you too, if you will welcome truth from all reliable sources, and especially from actual beings.  Your chief guide in the ministry of truth should be the Holy Spirit who also directs the ministering angels.

Higher beings all have more truth than we do.  Else, how would they qualify for their positions?  Would God be fair if it were otherwise?

Footnote:  This is my perception of the current state of affairs from an extra-earthly perspective.*  I already know it may not be the same as your perspective, but it is very likely that I have had considerably more years of time to work on it.  I know that many Christians view Christ as one and the same as The Eternal Son.  There is an Eternal Son of God, one of the Trinity along with the Universal Father and the Infinite Holy Spirit.   Christ’s origin is from the Universal Father and the Eternal Son and Christ is very much like them.  Christ is Father to our local universe and is the first being encountered in our ascent to Paradise who actually embodies the attributes of God.  Christ is God to our local universe.  But he is in fact a Creator Son and there are others, not exactly like him, as he is an only-begotten Son as to his particular infinite divine attributes, but Creator Sons all start with equal rank.  However, Christ has now attained the status of Master Creator Son.  He can visit Paradise to commune directly with the Universal Father and the Eternal Son, and he can visit the Ancients of Days on their headquarters sphere as well, such as for receiving the scroll with seven seals.  That scroll has to do with the End of the Age as well as the plans for the New Age here.

Do not get some far out idea that one must be perfect to know these things.  All humans on our sphere are evolutionary mortals, not perfect until the day they  see God in Paradise, a long journey.  However, this does not mean we are greatly circumscribed in any way about what we can learn in this life and on this sphere.  I am an ordinary mortal just like you.  English speaking only, so if you have skill in some other language you have outdone me in that respect.  Many others outdo me in mathematics, many in music.  We are all different, and the subject matter here is merely something I have worked on diligently and thus now share.  Over all, I am rather like this blog  and feature a strong science streak.

Further, I am not prescribing for you.  Everything is your own decision — free will is your own prerogative.  I am merely sharing what I know.  It is the best that I can put up here, worth sharing, quite possibly not completely free of error, not many men are, and that certainly includes me.  However, I have checked very carefully this time, much more than for a math problem.

*It is reasonably accurate as to my own views and perceptions.  If you find six other people equally diligent, that will certainly be even better,  because such a combined view is of transcendent value.  I have mentioned a group of seven elsewhere in this blog.  An extra-earthly perspective is not as difficult as the young would imagine.  Astronomers do that every day.  We are learning more and all is changing fast!

For younger folk, a day at the level of the Ancients of Days is as a thousand years.  So they are working speedily on this case involving worlds.  You see how long some of our own courts cases require, and all of this must be done fairly, justly and in accordance with established procedures.  Also, they hear all relevant evidence and testimonies.  Higher perspectives are not exactly like ours.  No worthy souls are lost, in fact that may NOT occur unless it is specifically sanctioned by the Ancients of Days and limited to the truly unworthy.

This entire article is a very brief synopsis.  May have some typographical errors owing to poor eyesight.  There is much amplifying material elsewhere in this blog, available by clicking ARCHIVE at the top.  You could find copious detail about Adam and Eve if you are diligent.  You may know that Satan interfered there too, but more than an allegory is available…

Lucifer and Satan are both in detention.  Nunitak does NOT envision their release from this status.  Scriptures may confuse these personalities with the Devil, former Prince of this world.  I do not really know the exact status of the latter, but suspect it has something to do with the so-called bottomless pit where I do have reason to believe the rebellious staff members of the former Prince along with other rebellious spirits and angels are confined.  Revelation in the bible seems to have them all coming out of there during the judgment at the end of the age.  The earthlings who have exhausted heavenly mercy apparently will be subject to them in some way.  But I do not have details on this to anywhere near the extent that I have details on the fate and destiny of the worthy peoples.  I suppose one understands one’s own group the better.  However, there is a scripture which says “the devil has come down to you in great wrath, for his days are numbered.”

It seems likely all members of the evil group, having refused mercy and repentance, are likely to be terminated permanently in the future Great White Throne judgment which apparently involves the final rulings of the Ancients of Days with regard to the Lucifer Rebellion (at least that is what I think).  But I certainly make no claim of expertise about these last two paragraphs.  A point to bear in mind is that no one here has ever witnessed a planetary judgment, and the details may likely involve various sorts, by which I mean the Ancients of Days may spare some people who have not been very worthy heretofore from permanent and total oblivion.  Even the scriptures say that some will be brought to repentance, thus continuing, albeit with lesser honor, at least for a while.

God is merciful, the Apostle Paul was not always on the right side for instance, but he changed greatly.  Few Christians doubt Paul will be found in heaven.  Personal reformation seems to be quite feasible, including for those who have done very wrongly.  Humans cannot judge this flawlessly, but you can rest assured judgments by the Ancients of Days are flawless.  That is WHY they are The Supreme Judges (and they have numerous equally flawless assistants)…

Christ offered a plan of redemption to all higher personalities involved, but that was spurned by Lucifer, Satan and many others.  I am informed however that some angels did repent and now have circumscribed duties along with some appropriate plan for their betterment over time.  We will have to wait for the details pending our own ascension progress to the nearer heavenly spheres.  If we arrive before the Great White Throne judgment, as many already have, we will be able to see Lucifer’s place of detention (and that is revealed in Isaiah as well).  Frankly, I do not know very much, and although my knowledge in this area is more than is typical here, it took a tremendous amount of work and effort to learn this much over many years.


5 comments on “Perceptions Discussion for Earthlings”

  1. I am still traveling and likely will not be posting more until December. This post is mostly questions to help others decide things for themselves. Nunitak is sharing perspective, not dictating for you.

  2. The bestowal world of a Creator Son becomes his personal project. Christ has reclaimed the title of Planetary Prince from the former Prince of this world. And he has designated Melchizedek as Vicegerent Planetary Prince for our sphere (the same Melchizedek who taught Abraham). This is where Nunitak derives the two possible choices of leaders for the two basic groups in the End of the Age, the former Prince being the “one who once was, now is not, yet shall appear” will apparently be released to take over the group which is in opposition to God’s will. Two possible leaders, two possible Princes, one for each group, though I suspect many who are brought to repentance will be saved albeit in lower status as contrasted with the worthy.

    Of course, Christ holds title as our Local Universe Sovereign too — King of kings and Lord of lords. All plans for our world now have his personal direction, so if big changes are in the offing, Nunitak assumes Christ will be present at that time, but as Universe Sovereign and legitimate Planetary Prince, not as a man, though I suppose he could come as a man — speaking about “dwelling with us for 1000 years.” That would be after the End of Age judgment I think. He would appear in full powers for the latter. These are my impressions, may differ from yours.

    Feel free to add a comment, if you see it differently. The Spirit of Truth is from Christ, but comes in the channel of The Holy Spirit, it is the promised second Comforter, and leads those who sincerely seek Truth, ask and knock.

    But as we all see partially, it is well to have the opinion of others.

  3. Lucifer gloried in himself and envisioned taking the seat of the Most High Constellation Father. Abraham had been taught about the Most High, and the term has been adopted into various other religions and confused with God. But the Most High was originally the title of Lucifer’s supervisor, and next higher up after that would be Christ himself. — see Isaiah 14

  4. Perhaps another way to view it is that God will give to the Bad Group the Leader they deserve.

  5. Perhaps I should have said 581 planets declined the Lucifer rebellion, because one, likely advanced, had a defaulting Prince, but the inhabitants rallied under the leadership of a woman, and apparently successfully resisted Lucifer’s rebellion, even with defaulting planetary Prince overseeing higher affairs.

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