January, we made it!

Breaking News Feb 1, 2012 — Egyptians set new record for soccer violence — video from Telegraph UK

Nunitak will have some extremely weird hexagonal stuff in next blog entry,  including possible FREE heating and what it all has to do with Saturn, Africa and some weather phenomena, bee hives, magnetrons and much related.  This article will be a synopsis though longer than usual and will be up NLT February 15th, sorry for delay, busier with dentist and article research details than usual, slowed by age.  Change ‘possible’ free heating and free energy to ‘likely’ too…, static and dynamic as well as fractal hexagons pattern in nature, like fibonacci sequence and golden ratio (better known)…

All survive in upside down airliner

The sinking of the Costa Concordia — west coast of Italy

Photo shows Costa Concordia fatal blow

Costa Concordia peculiar salvage details

Support the Non-Partisan Campaign Reform Act

— return power to the people, as in government of the people, by the people and for the people

— else:  The Supreme Court has authorized government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations

Who is sitting in Congress?  Your Representative or a Corporate Representative?

Strait Stuff — Iranian Oil Rights

Perceptions of Truth

McCain sees Obama as next President at SC Mitt Rally

Wrong Parking Spot

Saving Seaman Vakulinchuk — a movie that resembles Wall Street, Syria, Egypt, Advertising, and Banking and Politics plus everything going on in the world

— notice all the similar tragedies…

Grand Field Martial Potemkin is coming?

Starting in Syria?

Did the Egyptian Army see the ending?

What was made 10 feet thick, 15 feet high and 73 miles long?

The Hallaton Helmet
— comments galore at the bottom

Sleep Talking Cat

Mishka Talk

Interesting Prairie story followed by Hog Heaven story

Iran to test mine laying assets reach and prowess for torpedoing slow tankers and cargo vessels from Gulf of Aden to Straits of Hormuz

Unusually bad year for Russian space program
— but who will have first flying saucer (has first flying saucer??) ?

Can plywood walk?

World’s Largest Cruise Ship — 1200 feet, 6300 passengers

Video tour of sister ship, Allure of the Seas

Faith in blades

Canada vulnerable


Boko Haram

— Boko Haram copying Basiji motorcycle operations

Touring Palenque by Air Trouble

Newt sees electric power lines more harmful environmentally than oil pipeline

— is this a flip-flop or a logic slip?


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