Weird Hexagon Stuff vs. Saturn, the Africannunaki (hurricanes, bees); Tornado Devastation

Mid-June 2012 Note — Nunitak’s long absence will be ending soon, blog will continue…

EF4 Tornado wipes out Henryville Indiana (March 3, 2012 weather news)

95 Tornadoes Devastation — How to Help from ABC News, includes video of sites devastated

No more SAAB unless someone resurrects it — how very sad, one of Nunitak’s favorites being liquidated


Norway truck whoopsie video

Top SW USA photos!


Late Note Feb 17, 2012Nunitak has decided to combine this info with certain other stuff, very recently developed, in my next blog entry here, where I will have my own peculiar info and surmises plus those of someone else very well known. It will go post sometime in March, slow going up due to other problems. Together, if not each separately, we will blow your minds, at least to a certain point in one well-known constellation and we’ll confirm that the relatively advanced there have some kind of DEFINITE linkage to us, and… (more that I do not want to say just yet…)   I will include the weather stuff, so next blog entry will be long or longer too.  I’ll include a bit more speculation about the very ancient past!

April Note: Still delayed, now working on taxes, but I will definitely be back to work on blog after April 15th, also expanding coverage of preceding into more than one entry…

Acknowledgment: credit for inspiring a little beginning scientific help for Michael Tellinger goes to NASA, Tellinger himself, Johan Heine, the bees, and the many math type internet contributors of hexagon lore as well as the magnetron inventors, all cited in various urls here along with Coast to Coast AM and George Noory.  The latter was my first acquaintance with Herr Tellinger since I cannot afford many books in my retirement.  You can download the C2C interview here.

I would like to point out that I am heavier than most on history, ancient and very ancient, lesser known, as well as most religions and the histories thereof. so my comments about Enki’s Calendar being a name preferable to Adam’s Calendar are not made by way of criticism.  Mr. Tellinger has revealed some highly interesting stuff, fully as intriguing as the Dogon lore about Sirius B or the Ancient Egyptians for that matter.  Perhaps I will help a little bit in sorting this out.  I could do the history a tiny bit more comprehensively, but I am focusing on a little rudimentary scientific help as far more important and useful.  I have no extensive college, only self-education, though it includes much science and some electronics and medical — thanks to USN and especially to USA freedom of access to knowledge in other ways than prohibitively expensive formal education.

My heaviest lifetime focus is religion and science extensively.  We are all free to operate only within the realm of our knowledge, expanding though it may be.  I hope younger science folk with the necessary health, funding, and instruments will fine tune the analysis of the very ancient ruins in question including dolerite circle properties, acoustical and electromagnetic and other physical properties, especially from the physics viewpoint, bio- and geophysics too.  We should be careful how we tap into dynamic geophysical energies.  We should certainly know more about them.  Much more work is needed in that respect. Tesla did more than others so far.

In the C2C interview I CLEARLY heard Mr. Tellinger use the word “hexagon” and it perked my interest highly last year, in particular since I do some weather work (mostly from the climate perspective) and I had been studying the Saturn hexagon which one website said had a warm core too.  A few hurricanes here have acquired brief hexagon-shaped eyes.  The snowflake is a remarkably varied incidence of fractal hexagon properties.  That is how this fell together.  I will give next a synopsis of the C2C -AM interview of June 14, 2011.  Sorry, I had audio only, no access to any visuals of what Mr. Tellinger was referring to, in particular when he said ‘hexagonal.’  But when he talked about the temperature measurements, acoustics, and electromagnetic properties of the ancient African structures in question I was FIRMLY hooked.   They DO concentrate heat from some source, subterranean, acoustic or geomagnetic or electrical or electromagnetic transduction or whatever and contain electromagnetic waves which the antenna experts and physicists might profitably analyze.  Apparently the dolerite rock was specifically selected and adapted for this at each location according to Mr. Tellinger.  The ruins are quite ancient, though in my case I am inclined to believe they are much younger than 450–500k years BCE.  I think around 200k BCE  or somewhat later better, based on other historical knowledge, however I have no proof of this.

It will greatly improve your understanding if you will create a hexagon using seven aspirin tablets or pennies.  Seven are needed, see the picture.  This constitutes a fundamental fractal element and it is easily expanded by adding pennies or aspirins around.  That will make a larger hexagon fractal, going from 2 circles per side to three and then four, five, and six and so on.  Looking at this you will see a true fractal in all and any parts.  For other purposes it can become dynamic as well as static.  IF you take the basic element of 7 circles and draw CCW arrows you get an understanding of how it may apply to weather — hurricane eye and wall, tornado, Saturn north pole and so on, helping to reveal dynamic processes.  Accounting too for how winds stream into a hurricane (surface level) and how they stream out of a hurricane (at the top) in the case of larger fractal.  Opposites, CCW and CW for northern and vice versa for southern hemispheres.  If I make any mistake anywhere, please understand I have never had ANY formal training in science except for about two semesters of chemistry and the same for computer science along with rudimentary Navy electronics.

In spite of that, I am SURE this is worth looking into.  Those who are more adept can reveal other dynamic processes involving hexagon fractals in natural phenomena.  Possible, even LIKELY, source of Free Heat and perhaps other geo-energies. The ruins Tellinger describes need CAREFUL, THOROUGH SCIENTIFIC ANALYSIS using the best instruments and expertise, acoustic, geological, geophysical, electronic, and energy physics.

The C2C-AM Tellinger Interview

Clarification about ringing rocks.  Diabase and dolerite are related.  I saw one website which seemed to say USA geologists use term diabase for what Europeans call dolerite and vice versa.  Not having any formal geology I do not know.  But I have included urls showing dolerite and here is one showing ringing rocks, perhaps diabase, in the USA.  I wish it were more clear which rocks Tellinger is describing, he said dolerite and ringing rocks both, each rock rings differently but a circular structure is the remnant of an array with additive properties.  We could experiment with our own diabase here, as could Icelanders (and Irish or Scottish), but we should be careful.  Whether the energies tapped in ancient times were ‘renewable’ or not is not clear, but some individuals, for whatever it is worth, assert these energies had to do with the sinking of Atlantis.

In the C2C interview Tellinger described vast network of dolerite rock circles constructed in the very ancient, antediluvian past in Shona and Zulu areas of South Africa as well as Zimbabwe, Botswana and Mozambique.  The structures are associated with suspected (gold) mines and with subterranean passages, including some at great depth, also discovered by recent diamond and gold mining firms, but largely unrevealed by them.  Tellinger describes “more than 10,000,000 structures” composed of stones of small size between 10 kg to [perhaps an occasional one?] as much as 1 ton.  But on the whole nothing like megaliths found in ancient structures elsewhere in the world, not like Peru for example.

Tellinger is convinced this is related to the Annunaki and to the gold mining mentioned by Zechariah Sitchin in THE TWELFTH PLANET, which I too read in the late 1970’s.   You Tube link.   The planet which comes by is called Nbiru.   I do not agree completely with Tellinger or Sitchin, but I do agree they have done important work uncovering little-known information which they then interpreted in their best conceived, appropriate perspectives, as I do myself.  But as we all have partial knowledge, sometimes we are like the few blind men who are feeling different parts of the elephant.  If we SHARE, one day we will acquire a true view — I have faith in that, it has worked throughout history, for the sciences in particular.

All ruins are circular, some apparently arranged with concentric walls and some in various arrays.  Tellinger himself used the word magnetron, I assume the appearance in places is reminiscent of magnetron structure.  Here is a magnetron which relates to hexagon as does the rotating charge therein:  Hexagonal rotating space charge in 12-cavity magnetron   See figure 6 down on the right there.

There are 450,000 square miles of ancient agricultural terraces and millions of ancient gold mines in the vast areas of these South African circular stone remnants and ruins.  Tellinger says the complex is far more vast, we see what is the tip of an iceberg [my words] because, according to him, only the ruins higher up in mountains remain, the rest is buried by sediments attributable to the Great Flood which he places around 11,500 BCE as well as subsequent erosion.  DeBeers Diamond Mining is said to have discovered one carefully made underground passage 22,500 feet down which he reports as a rumor.  But other passages and tools have been found — the passages, mines,  and circular structures are all linked — were all linked — into a mesh-like network over this vast area.  The question that comes up is were they following the gold, or does it involve some other purpose or both ???

The mines we more easily find are in the sides of mountains.  A line passing through the so-called Adam’s Calendar site (Enki’s Calendar would have been a more fitting name) and through the Great Zimbabwe ruin hits the Egyptian Pyramids if I heard him correctly.  I believe he mentioned rocks  like this too  but the context was not clear enough to me to be scientifically intelligible, did not come across like the ringing dolerite.  The whole thing needs more geologic clarity as well as precise pictures accompanying the information.  That might be in his books already written, out of my budget, so I do not know…  He mentioned diorite too.   Color me ignorant on the relationships he was trying to convey.  But he did say the stones conduct electricity [as most other stones do].  He mentioned monoatomic gold,* also hexagonal clusters of circular ruins with three-meter diameters.  *color me zero on that item

He mentioned using electronic instruments to detect heat up to 80 degrees Celsius [coming from 200-300 meters down] as measured within a circle, compared with readings of 5.5 degrees Celsius all around outside the circle, which latter sounds to me about normal for subsurface S. A. soil temperature not directly above a magma pool as you might see in the Congo or wherever it is further north there.  BUT, there obviously is NO magma pool  lying under each circle.  So something else must account for the temperature, higher in center of concentric walls as well, and also for sound frequencies he says were measured in Hz and dB.  He says some EMF was detected running horizontally and some vertically (into the sky).  Some heat signatures were so high they were beyond 80 Celsius,  the most the equipment at hand could measure.

As this is getting too long for one blog here, I am next placing all of the relevant urls, along with some very brief comments.   I had intended including some about Winter Weather globally here, but I will have to reserve that and further comment about the weird hexagon stuff for the next blog entry.  My mission is mostly accomplished in giving science types something better to work with, especially in the accompanying urls.

Were the following unrelated entirely, I would NOT have placed it here.  If the science types do not consult the following urls, some more or less than others, as preferred, they will lose out.  But ALL are worthwhile, we are tracing a fundamental pattern of nature here, see? Like fibonacci sequence or golden ratio…

Crystals too are associated with various energies and can be tuned as well.  A comprehensive scientific study must be made of what Michael Tellinger has found along with Johan Heine.


Old honeybee hives were once circular, see down on the left

Also shown is a ‘hex hive’ 3rd from left at top row in which bees might do better — I would suggest two combs per side might very well be rejuvenating and possibly help solve the die-off problems

Hexagonal hives in history

— a different arrangement from what I envisioned (two starter panels per flat side)

Adam’s Calendar — unfortunate name choice, Enki’s Calendar would be much more appropriate.  Slave Species of God is also an unfortunate title which leads people astray, only lower beings have slaves, and lower beings do not begin to approach God, though they may be advanced relative to us.

This interview is not as good as the one on Coast to Coast AM, so visiting the C2C website and downloading audio from June 14, 2011 about the Africannunaki is better:

You Tube alternative    [yes, the word Africannunaki is my invention for linking South Africa and Zechariah Sitchin in Mr. Tellinger’s manner…]

Adam came long after 200,000 BCE, about 162,000 years after Nodites and after Lucifer’s rebellion (200k BCE).  The first humans were here almost one million years ago, and the humans of 500,000 BCE and later might do quite well for smarts if they grew up in a modern industrial culture.  Lucifer had his own plans for planets in our area which he once administered prior to his detention awaiting judgment of the Ancients of Days (more about that in previous blog entries here).

Perhaps Enki would never have appeared here were it not for the Lucifer rebellion because premature interplanetary cross-fertilization (culturally) is NOT allowed.  However, do not suppose  nor imagine you know what I know or have my experience.  We all differ.   I am NOT saying Enki was evil.  Some earth visitors 200k BCE to later were evil and some were definitely not, being helpful, perhaps even as in cosmic disaster aid, much as we helped Japan and others recently.  Even the ancient Egyptians left accounts of such, likewise the Dogon and others about the world.

It is my belief that Enki could not have started anything earlier than about 200,000 BC — when Lucifer rebelled, not to say he was associated with Lucifer directly.

More on unusual African rock formation


Scottish dolerite photo

South African dolerite 1

South African dolerite 2

Dolerite (seems to me) originates at one-time or more recent splits in earth’s crust (so you might guess it’s found in Iceland for example)  — interesting photo here, similar found from ancient times in Arizona.  The dolerite rock structures of which Tellinger speaks appear to channel subterranean energies, also focusing them in peculiar ways, so that one can measure dramatic heat differences within and outside the structures

The ‘very ancient’ (dating beyond 38k years BCE, my definition) channels and underground passages connect the dolerite structural complexes into some type of extensive mesh network or integrated system of many elements which one psychic claimed “generated the energies which sank Atlantis” according to Tellinger, but he did not give full credence to that on Coast to Coast AM interview with George Noory, only mentioning it as “remarkable” when a caller brought up Atlantis.  Apparently the psychic had looked at some picture he had, perhaps from Adam’s Calendar area, then instantly made that remark.

The details are too copious so that I can only be elliptical in this blog, hexagon stuff and relation to earth and Saturn energies is endlessly fascinating and intriguing if you have sufficient educational background, science in particular, for digging into it.  Mr. Tellinger seemed to think the sound (earth sounds or EMF ?) generated free energy if I heard correctly.  It was very similar to what is seen on Saturn north hemisphere hexagon, a weather phenomenon, not a ruin.   Has to do with hexagon pattern in nature, see?

Dixie sphere

Saturn Hexagon

Hurricane rotation

Tellinger 2d url

Snowflake sample

Saturn hexagon more

Eyewall peculiarities

Magnetron rotating space charge of hexagonal type  — scroll down to figure 6 on the right

Snowflake link

NOAA snowflakes

Academic Crystals

I might have additional about this in my next blog entry, but will definitely cover Winter Weather, one other ancient site, maybe two, and a few other assorted topics.

Another C2C-AM link for Tellinger Interviews — Nunitak is endorsing further scientific investigation of the ruins with an eye to useful geo-energies used anciently, but as to the info about God as slaveholder, visitors from other planets as God, or this having any direct connections whatsoever with Adam and Eve, I am carefully disagreeing on the basis of much other historical knowledge, carefully and conclusively checked for decades.  However, we should not overlook any Big Clues about new geo-energies, no matter who left them!


Homework failure video


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  1. If you continue getting your weather and climate verifications from former Senator Rick Santorum instead of experienced science personnel you will be responsible along with him for the unexpected results and costs of your ignorance and unpreparedness.

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