Two Critical Pieces of Information that many Teens and Doctors (PhD, MD) often lack for Proper Perspective

July 24th  Good News — Nunitak’s Majesty Sunflowers have started to bloom, one already in full glory

~~~~~~Earthquake Lights Seismoluminesence Folder~~~~~~

Earthquake Lights 1

Earthquake Lights 2

Recent Earthquakes — within last week


All Things Bright and Beautiful ♪ ♫

The Old 100th Psalm Tune ♪ ♫

The Lord, ye know, is God indeed;
Without our aid He did us make;
We are His folk, He doth us feed,
And for His sheep He doth us take.

Accuweather discusses Corn Drought prospects in various locales through mid-August

Nunitak has noticed, like Einstein, who uncovered E=mc^2, that most people do not think deeply, even when they estimate their intelligence far above others.  So, the same article can have vastly different results and only a very few pick up the Greater Perspective intended.

Many are not deriving the best from this blog.  They skipped over or did not read carefully the previous entries about the I AM where I quoted Francis Bacon (who would have understood).  They did NOT think deeply enough.   So this is a helper article to enable readers to get The Most out of Nunitak’s past as well as upcoming blog entries.

The ‘smart’ person, teen or doctor, discovers that Nunitak says God is real and He organized all things which make our lives and progress possible.  Now, a little secret:  They DO think they are far smarter than Nunitak in most cases.   I am sure many of you have heard a teen ask “Who created God?”    They are SURE they have you pinned to the mat.  They have SOME understanding of creation as when someone builds a house or work of art, an activity requiring both time and space.   They think of God as Creator but do not really believe because their own doubt and questioning renders the typical religious instruction obsolete.  And they do not do as instructed [Seek and you shall find…] so they come to a highly skeptical or agnostic or atheist end.   These are all different names for what I want to show are DEAD ENDS here.

I would like you to have luminous comprehension instead.  I share it with you, but you will have to THINK as well as read.    And you really ought to go back to those previous articles too.

Today I was asked the exact same question by a medical doctor.  So you see I am not fooling with you about teens and doctors.  You will hear the in-between people on the radio.  Perhaps you have a relative, friend or acquaintance like this?

The Great Error:  Humans are creators in time and space.  They understand creation and are instructed a bit erroneously that God too is a creator.   Actually, God ‘eventuated’  the possibilities for creation.  He even eventuates Creator Sons who organize universes filled with various beings.  The key here is the latter do that in time and space.  So we ARE images of a Creator Son.  Nunitak is not saying we cannot become images of God as well, only that you will not get there by asking “Who created God?  [nor] Who created the I AM?”

The pre-personal I AM  is the original sole existential.   All else derives from the I AM.

Without I AM giving rise to the Seven Absolutes, there is no Trinity, no persons, no time, no space, no space energies, no  personal, no impersonal, no light, no dark, no matter, no world, no Paradise ‘until’ these are organized by the I AM.  Since there is no time, the word ‘until’ does not really apply…  Can you SEE that?   I am sure some of the math heads can see it.  Go over Each One of those things that do not exist…

I use the word ‘before’ now to assist the understanding of mortal creatures of time and space, who deem everything to have a time and space origin (your birthday on this world in such and such a place for example).  But please remember the I AM organized the Trinity (Actual Persons) ‘before’  TIME so you do understand the Universal Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Holy Spirit are existent from eternity and do not have a time-qualified beginning.   They ARE the First Persons albeit there are four other Absolutes.

In the “eternal” (un-time-qualified) past Paradise appeared, with beings, along with the central, eternal heaven, time, space and the Infinite Holy Spirit.  These were NOT created, did not require time nor space to come into existence although time and space did come into existence ‘simultaneously’ — another inappropriate word (see?).

The Trinity are the Overseers of All Actualized Realities and they are Absolute Beings, transcendental to time and space.  They can ‘eventuate’ things and beings, but creation, again in time and space, begins with lesser, albeit Divine, beings.

We have not transcended time nor space in our present forms though some DO have somewhat of a foot in eternity thanks be to Christ.

We are embedded in the lowest level of Actualized Realities.  We are not easily able to imagine that God had No Creator.  Most cannot conceive of anything happening ‘outside’ of  time and space.  You are a DEPENDANT.   The cosmos does have an edge, an unpermeated rind so to speak.  If you could break through it your factors would exist in TOTALLY helpless “nothingness” which is something you can barely imagine, only IF you are amongst The Rare and Truly Smart.

Perhaps you WILL somewhat transcend time and space eventually.  Nunitak thinks that quite possible.  But you had better start thinking more carefully now.

Do YOU understand that God organized EVERYTHING and that “creation” in time and space, even persons, even matter, could not exist ‘until’ then?

Therefore, asking “Who created God?” is a specious and foolish question put forth in darkness and ignorance by mortals, the lowest beings, embedded in time and space, and imagining nothing much greater than what they themselves are, imagining time and space as a priori fundamentals of all reality (the only reality which they can conceive), and NOT thinking at all that there could be many higher levels of reality, some transcendental to time and space.

Now I would like also to make a brief science comment.

Every time you grow a plant in your garden or recharge your electric vehicle or cell phone or car battery you are overseeing the conversion of energy to matter.

So, YOU are using E=mc^2 on a daily basis.   Also in your own bodies, eating food, converting it to energy, growing.

Yes, I know this will be lost on the non-scientists, but one elderly bear can only help a little, eh?

So, you ponder about matter and energy, because now is the time, and now is the need!   Nunitak helped a little too, we can all work together and trigger a bit in one another.

This brings me back to my promise to continue with the last previous article.  But I had various prolonged interruptions, even the weather, as some of you in USA know.  I wanted you to pick up [hopefully] on some of this perspective, before I continue.   Else, you won’t get the best out of this blog, okay?

Again, I would hope you review the I AM blog entries, explanations in different ways add up, and even help the dense, which included Nunitak in the past.  We humans all do have very hard heads.  It’s like penetrating adamantine very often, yes?    [do not forget The Unmanifest – Part Two, located here]

If you are a thinker as well as reader you will get some useful info from this entry.   Nunitak is brief, cannot possibly write everything down, only discuss one subject at a time.

Who could write everything down?   Only a piece maybe, and we should do that, in particular before leaving.

Those who share always have a share, the bear said.

There’s LOTS more where this came from, and that applies for YOU too.   Just keep clicking things off, okay?

Anything eventuated is there — poof!  And you do recall that God ‘invented’ that too, eh?  Such is the attribute of the absolute, infinite, and endlessly perfect.

Creating then becomes Primary School for Beginners who might, who could, evolve to greater perfections.  For this you are given the many levels of time and space.

If you are successful, you may eventually be seen having a hand on transcendental levels.   We can wonder meanwhile how that will differ.

The Great Source is a better term than The Big One.  The latter is actually rather puny and insignificant by comparison, yes?

Love Divine, all Loves Excelling ♪ ♫

Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer ♪ ♫

Good News — where Nunitak lives it started raining July 19th, at last!

— July 21st: A nice gentle, soaking rain for the parched ground.  Two days worth so far, bumper watermelons, corn, cantaloupe, basil, tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, zucchini and other garden items, prospects looking good here.


Recent News

Japan launches unmanned cargo carrier to ISS orbit

Iran missile attains V2 range of 300 km

Highly probable U-Boat remains discovered — 62 miles up Canada’s Churchill River!

— More on U-Boat Mystery

Barack Obama: Colorado killings a ‘heinous crime’

Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooting — latest from CBS video

Spectacular Aurora Australis ISS photo

Who is James Holmes? — from Yahoo News

The Imam and the Colonel — fascinating Who-Done-It traces disappearance of peacemaking social justice Shiite Imam [Al Jazeera video]

Amazing Beijing Flooding Chaos from BBC

Water above the britches, impaired drainage around July 21st followed by sinkholes and sudden massive potholes going in to August.  Decidedly different USA and China weather so far this year — drought in USA plus wildfires, contrasting with heavy rains and floods in China.  77 fatalities there and corn crop failure in USA midwest.

More on China flooding

More on China flooding relief

One ton Mars Curiosity Rover landing and detail Reuters video

Strongest push-ups demo ever seen — BBC video


3 comments on “Two Critical Pieces of Information that many Teens and Doctors (PhD, MD) often lack for Proper Perspective”

  1. The Ultimate Share — did you know that a fragment of the I AM (think of the potentials, transcendent to time, space, pre-everything) is shared with you?

  2. Nunitak instructs you to Thank God without whom Nunitak would be as nothing. Without light from God Nunitak could never have written this.

  3. They all want a One Minute Answer too. So there’s no possibility of explaining this to them.

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