Isaac trajectory = New Orleans but force will not equal Katrina

NOAA Image is from source at dark blue satellite link below, fyi

Note regarding promised stars blog: References for comparing my work will go up in mid-November.  I cannot document my work following that as it is the result of decades of unsupported work and the elderly bear cannot write an encyclopedia.  But the references are excellent work of others, offering much extremely valuable further perspective.  I should finish my own blog(s) writing on this subject during September.   The references offer some validation and are very, very, very interesting though few except the extraordinary will delve into them — that alone is another significant amount of work (greatly reduced by carefully collated selections gathered into one place).  Of course the references authors are responsible for their own stuff, and they may not completely agree with my upcoming work, even though I will be writing the absolute best which I personally can share.

NHC Isaac Track and Time Graphic

Isaac latest — from Accuweather

Isaac to test New Orleans for Category 1.5

Mississippi coast surge strong East of New Orleans

Near real time Satellite View

North Atlantic mid-September weather

100 kmh winds for Newfoundland


Wednesday August 29, 2012 Evening Update — Isaac eye disappears into Southern Louisiana and remnants will undoubtedly head for IN, KY, IL, MI and other places North by East. And it looks like NE TN, at least, will likely have heavy rain.

It’s not much compared to Typhoon Bolaven

which gave Okinawa a 6.2 beating on Nunitak’s 7 scale:

CNN News on Okinawa vs Bolaven

Typhoon Bolaven pounds South Korea, smashs ships, eight dead

South Korea death toll rises to 18

CHINAcontinuing natural disasters news from China Daily 12 Sept 2012

More Weather Fallout Stuff

China gal falls into sinkhole and swift rescue — caught on video, a plus for many people about

Typhoon Bolaven saturates NE China

Oil rigs shut down as Isaac rolls through Gulf

Isaac aftermath and destruction — from MAIL Online

— Many very good photos, excellent coverage!

Other News

Ban Ki-moon tells Iran:  Stop threatening Israel

More on this that some are missing from The New York Times

Strategic analyst sees Chinese subs link to Diaoyu Islands controversy

More on Senkaku-Diaoyu Dispute

China makes its case for Diaoyu ownership — recites long history of Chinese ownership and Japan strong arm tactics from late 19th century to present

{September 14, 2012 in the China Daily}

China Military Advice for repressive places like Syria: “A system that does not allow its citizens to breathe freely, nor to maximally unleash their creativity, nor puts those who can best represent the people in leadership positions, is doomed.”   Nunitak thinks betterment starts with the finest education possible, for everyone, too.

UK police catch robbers during 180 mph getaway attempt — includes video

Lady pays $7 for $100k Renoir painting at WV flea market

Your favorite restaurant getting old?  Chance for dinner with President Obama (somewhere, sometime … likely Chicago Nunitak would guess)

Enter here — chance for three winners, no guarantee Michelle will be there, hurry September 20th deadline  [United States citizens only; airfare & accommodations provided ]

A hymn for today ♪ ♫


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