Nunitak survives Hurricane Sandy’s Wrath; NYC Buckwheat Waffle Fix

Illustration: NASA GOES-13 Satellite photo of Hurricane Sandy


Hurricane Sandy events at home may not be in perfect order, pieced together from nightmare experience scribbled down last November 1st

November 1st — I am still recovering from near total exhaustion. The bear lives in a basement on the highest hill in my town. Nonetheless it absorbed Sandy’s torrential downpour over hours like a sponge. When it could absorb no more, NOR could my hill drain fast enough, it found a couple ways into my basement den, about like a garden hose on at a trickle and then fully half turned on by 9:00 PM on the dreadful day.

I had been using a mop, but with the increasing onslaught that proved futile, but lucky for the 5-gallon mop bucket! I deployed ALL of my towels and began wringing them out by hand! Then the electricity went out, your favorite bear in TOTAL darkness.

Fumbling about to find prepared bear’s emergency battery operated lights and deploy them… Slop-slop, the water now pouring into basement. Quick trip outside to deploy tarpaulins, weighted with stones, about house northeast corner and north wall — fortunately all of leaks coming from just there.

Eight PM to 9 PM working frantically to stem the tide, got to protect brand new dry walls all around! Bear is near 70, so it was HARD WORK and now complicated by need to take very heavy five gallon bucket up the basement stairs each time full, going out into the ROARING, raging winds, first coming from SW where I live.

9:00 PM — the most horrible time starts, bear is saying his prayers, water POURING in!

Each trip to empty HEAVY mop bucket outside places the bear in danger from big flying tree branches, winds howling, big branches breaking off, leaves flying off the trees, they’re all bending in the winds. 50 feet to tarmac place for emptying turns into ordeal. By fifth bucket the bear is soaked, clothes and coat now adding weight.

In a mirage of effort, I battled for 1.5 hours more. Then I was cold, had stubbed left foot badly, had to pause to change into REAL boots, but no time for proper liners*, dry pants and another dry coat.

With renewed persistence the bear continued sopping and wringing the towels. Again and again taking 5-gal mop bucket up the slippery, dark steps and 50 feet to pour out point. Pray no flying tree branch scores a hit.

Again, again, and again… Sweat, wearing out, eyeglasses falling off.

Somewhere around 11:00 PM, I don’t know, not watching any clock, a brief respite of ? 20 minutes or so. Something to do with eye? No TV, no idea.

Then winds shift 90 degrees to NW and though shorter to slacking off as for duration, that part was EVEN more severe as to the RAIN.

Dogged effort. Fill the mop bucket, carry up steps, empty, again, again, and again. Exhaustion setting in. Wearing out. But managed to KEEP the water level to LESS than two inches, it never got any deeper, thanks to ferocious effort.

Worked until 1:00 AM on this! Finally nearing heart attack condition, winds slacking a bit, but water still coming in. Tired, 70 year old bear can do no more. Got to quit and accept the rest. Said prayer, asked for whatever help possible.   

On couch in exhaustion until 6:00 AM. About 1/2 inch water and countless soaked towels in dams to deter spreading across entire basement to south half.

Up, got to get coffee, no electricity locally, got to try nearest gas station open, but slow speed to avoid hydroplaning in spots with up to four inches of water in flat places.

Back to home and last of grindstone for water removal, sister now helping. About four more buckets, that’s 20 gallons.

We worked sopping up the last. Electricity came back on, who know when. No idea when we finished, perhaps noon to 1:00 PM, maybe later.

Started the DEHUMIDIFIER, a good one, lucky for us. Saved the brand new drywall and all, turns out just the stone tiled floors got wet. Towels to washer, all mine, all my sister’s.

Today, November 1st, my basement humidity reading went to 47%. That’s pretty dry, beats the Israeli desert, many other places. Looks like no damages.

Without all the buckets and effort, 5 inches likely across entire basement floor. Lost count after 30th 5-gallon bucket.

But my best guess is it was around 35 buckets, where I was ready to croak and stopped.

So much for Bear’s Hurricane Sandy story. Spent the next two days cleaning up leaves and sawing and moving fallen branches.

Back to NORMAL on November 1st at 7:00 PM.

And my STARS article delayed for 17th time since around late February!

November 1st: INTERNET just came back, which is how I am sharing this story.

God save New Jersey, the bad news trickling in.

New England area needing heavily to bring back FORESIGHT. Hint, hint… A real weather and climate and terrain and construction engineer person would help.

Brrr. Temperature dipped from nice autumn to definite winter level too.

Halloween went by somewhere in this mess. Hope it was better where you are!

It could have been worse where I am, but the BEAR was spared!

Hurricane Sandy destruction photos 

* ended up with big abrasion of left ankle; sorry — wind directions corrected, compass disoriented bear living in new place, it’s right now hopefully


No NYC Marathon after all

BUT when will there be Hot Buckwheat WAFFLES for decent price, including choice of syrup, sausage optional, and hot coffee with non-dairy or regular creamer in Staten Island, Rockaway, Breezy Point, Hoboken, and OTHER cold, darkened currently NEEDY points?

NY State can not organize this? Where did all the money go? How come small southern towns can manage stuff like this but NYC can’t?

Time for a REAL WAFFLE has returned!

$3.95 with sausage and coffee?

For only $100k and three months to prepare, the bear can coordinate one full serving every 10 seconds within one week of the ‘Go!’ signal. Any weather, 7 x 24, each unit assuming a properly sized, no cost place is provided

    • Otherwise, please go home and don’t disturb the police or anything else…

Thank you!


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