Latter Days World Dictator Will Appear Somewhere on Our Planet for 1260 Days

Earth photo is by NASA


42 months equals 1260 days:  42 x 30 = 1260  {so many people with so many other important things to do}  multitudes, multitudes…

References:  Revelation (at end of Bible or The New Testament) and Nunitak’s current Best Estimate (life long student, age definitely senior)  plus Isaiah 24 and 14; and Joel  {links for these references are now near the bottom of this article — Thanksgiving Day update note from Nunitak, who will be continuing this series after a long absence}

The Presiding Ancient of Days for Planetary Judgment in the case of so-called Late Great Planet Earth will deliver the verdict, sealed with seven seals, to Christ, our local universe Sovereign Master Son of God.

There is however a continuation of our current affairs, as you now see, leading up to that point in time and space WHERE the processes of The Judgment as given in Revelation will apply.  Further, there is a continuously perfecting  earth to follow this great event.  As many know, the meek rather than the arrogant and those who do wickedly will take the reins.

Although I am very brief here, it took almost 70 years for me to perceive the following.  It will stir up some dissention, and I doubt it will be widely accepted.  I am only sharing it humbly, as Daniel did much earlier for his contributions.  But I do not call myself a prophet, more a diligent student, and it remains to be seen whether my writing here proves true or not.

It took great effort over decades plus seeking and asking (words to the wise) to arrive at my current views.

Dramatis Personae

Caligastia, the former Prince of this World, who sided with Lucifer at the urging of Satan, long ago from young people’s perspective, but much less so from this elder’s or when viewed from higher up.  Call it the Recent Lucifer Rebellion, and that was a Principal Reason why our local universe Creator Son chose to bestow himself on this planet in like form as all men arrive, more than 2000 years ago.  Christ is Supreme Director of Rehabilitation here, with duties to retrieve any and all erring spheres in his domain.

Abaddon, Caligastia’s Chief of Staff

Lucifer and Satan are currently in detention on a sphere a little bit higher up from us, as ordered by the Ancients of Days***

Satan was Lucifer’s Deputy and roving plenipotentiary  (American English).  Satan traveled amongst about 619 planets seeking to promote Lucifer’s Rule in the place of God, the Ancients of Days, and Christ.  They both rejected a program of rehabilitation offered by Christ, and some misled angels, but not all, accepted that rehabilitation.

About 37 planets out of the 619 went to Lucifer’s new prospective domain, and unfortunately earth too, a relatively new world, vulnerable as a tiny garden seedling by analogy.  Lucifer led astray a third of the angels at our local System headquarters and it’s surrounding spheres (architectural worlds, including the mansion worlds — not planets where mortals originate).

The entire system amounts to less than 1/10,000th of the local universe, which itself is only one of 700,000.*  Keep it in perspective, Lucifer was in charge of a very, very small part of God’s domain.  And I’ve considered only the time and space superuniverses, not the exceedingly vast central heaven, the spheres of Father, Son and Spirit, nor Paradise.

The Ancients of Days oversee the judicial process for the superuniverse and its constituent parts.  No being may be deprived of spiritual life nor taken out of existence without their sanction.  That would include even lowly mortal beings like ourselves.  To die once, a death of the body, is common.  But a SECOND death means no resurrection, and that is where higher judgment may apply…  Ancient of Days is mentioned by Daniel, a sign of great enlightenment for any man living BCE, call it ‘before Christian era here.’

Most all System Sovereigns and Planetary Princes throughout the cosmos are loyal to God and other superiors appointed.  Lucifer and similar rebels are rare but possible.

Caligastia and Abaddon took great exception to established procedures along with Lucifer and Satan.  Abaddon is now in the bottomless pit.  They were led astray by Satan; and later the title of Planetary Prince was reclaimed by Christ, and has not been delegated.  This makes Christ holder of that title as well as many others.

Caligastia, the so-called devil, is here in great wrath with short days remaining.

***Each superuniverse is presided over by three Ancients of Days, whose origin is from the Trinity.  100,000 local universes are planned or present in each superuniverse.

It seems clear now, at least to me, that Abaddon is most likely The Beast “who once was, now is not, yet shall appear…  He rules for 1260 days, most anyone interested can see that from Revelation.  Although he cannot kill the evil and unrepentant, they are in his thrall.  Some of the more ungodly earthlings will welcome and assist his brief rule.

BUT, the worthy people will be safeguarded elsewhere during that 1260 days, and the evil earthlings will have One Final Chance for Repentance.    See Revelation 10 vs 3 about the voice of the Seven Thunders.  This writer supposes that voice may offer the very last chance OR declare its end (no further chance for true repentance).

There will be two prophets as well.  But they will be killed following their preaching mission:  likely recognize God’s rule and repent.  The prophets will be resurrected, likely on the last day of the gruesome 1260 days, so my best guess is they are killed on Day 1257…

1257–1258 …Day 1

1258–1259 …Day 2

1259–1260 …The 3d Day, when the Two Prophets are resurrected.

I may have left something important out, will have to take a look about a week from now, previous schedule.  And I will work from earth up to stars rather than the other way, which obviously did not happen for some reason.  I was very much adversely exercised and prevented.   Not sure even now how much higher I will cover, because I am a rather senior fellow mortal.

***Many who are now living here will see Lucifer in detention, as Isaiah 14 describes, following their resurrection to higher System worlds and mansions, the current detention sphere is one in that group, AND we now have a System Sovereign there who is fully loyal to Christ and God.

Please Take Note !!! Much More happens after the Voice of the Seven Thunders !!!

I believe that point is where the Final Judgments of the Ancients of Days and the 200,000,000 divine executioners or destroying angels, as revealed Much Further in the Book of Joel play their role, see (!!!) who The Leader is in Joel…  Definitely NOT any earthly army.  Notice!  As Joel tells it!  They never stumble, never jostle one another, are not stopped by any impediment, and none of them have loose shoe laces.  Let the wise understand.  Further they go through the entire planet.  More in the Book of Enoch,* mentioned in Jude.

Book of Enoch was, and still is, *in this blog, but few are diligent, so only a few have read it or will go through all  here with a fine tooth comb.  That means all previous blog entries…  Necessary to click on the clickable stuff too, ALL of it, why it is there!

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  1. Apologies for the slow first edit, Sunday library session ends soon when you are composing and rushed!

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