Pathway to the Power of Truth, Goodness and Beauty Forever

NPS Photo Credit

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Ever Open Welcome
Like gentle winds
warming buds of fall,
our pathways shine
with fragrant blossoms;
per chance to share,
forever new,
joyous, distant, starry clusters.


All People that on Earth do Dwell


Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing


Abide with Me


3 comments on “Pathway to the Power of Truth, Goodness and Beauty Forever”

  1. Albeit the cosmos is immense, a career in eternity means that pilgrims journeying to Paradise will meet ever and anon, most especially at their designated rendezvous point in Paradise, where all our fellow earthlings present will have achieved maximum finite perfection, at least, perhaps more (as far as I know)…

  2. The next article to be posted concerns my conjectures about the Lucifer Rebellion of 200,000 years ago as it affected this planet. Conjectures only, as I am a cosmic newbie, like yourself; those higher up have vastly more first hand experience.

  3. You may be interested to know that Nunitak will tell you a little bit about a slightly more advanced planet of a completely different type, very close to us, although the next article is primarily about Lucifer.

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