Lucifer’s Local Cosmic Fallout

Lucifer in Perspective

Part 1
Caveat: The name Sylvester is not intended to represent any real person living or deceased in any earth locale.  It is entirely fictional, as applied here, and is used solely for the purpose of drawing an analogy of scale.

What did Lucifer do?

First I will give you a close analogy insofar as relative scale and as it pertains to our local cosmic area.  I will use Kansas and the USA for this analogy, but please bear in mind that I am not intending in any way to impugn Kansas nor any people there — I could have picked another county, another state.  This analogy pertains to areas of the USA and to size alone and is intended solely to reflect the scale of Lucifer’s ambitions in relation to the local cosmos.

Let us place a hypothetical figure at the head of Seward County government in Liberal, Kansas.  I will call him County Executive Sylvester.  He is brilliant and has great experience before assuming that post.   But while he is there, his self-conceit and his faith in his own abilities and talents grows without bound.   Sylvester decides quietly, keeping his conclusions private, that the biggest problem with Seward County is that he, Sylvester, is not fully in charge.  For example, there is this stupid Kansas Supreme Court and even a U.S. Supreme Court, always interfering, and especially on weighty matters, usurping powers he deems rightfully his.  He knows best how to foster quick and reliable progress of all the towns, cities, even all other counties and peoples because, after all, he is Sylvester, liberator of peoples, and only he himself has the brains to see all that is wrong.

He decides on a plan of attack:  He will no longer recognize the President of the USA, nor the Constitution, nor the Governor of Kansas, nor any of these courts that usurp local powers and prerogatives.  He, County Executive Sylvester, will liberate Liberal and in fact all of Seward County and take over the full and complete reins of governance.  He will organize completely new and better programs as to education, administration, government projects.  Most of all, his laws and judicial decisions will apply everywhere.

He sees his revolutionary rebellion spreading to other counties.  He sees himself eventually, and soon, taking the seat of Governor of Kansas.  That is for sure, but his vision is more vague after that, except that he wants the public to greet him, Sylvester, with Hail to the Chief, not the President of the USA.  First he convinces his close deputies about the wisdom of his plan:  He is brilliant and convincing, far better than even Hitler.  He sends his chief assistant to all the towns and villages of Seward County to convince lower echelon Seward County government leaders.

Then he organizes a large public gathering and announces his plans to one and all with a brilliant and stirring speech announcing greater liberty and benefits for one and all.  Six percent of all Seward county towns decide to support Sylvester and his plan.  The respect formerly reserved for Governor and President will now go to Sylvester!  However, only one third of the county government employees side with Sylvester, albeit he has strong support in those six percent of all Seward municipalities…

This is very close — as to analogy of scale — what Lucifer attempted.  And perhaps you can see what I already know from many other and different perspectives — it was an exercise of abject futility, doomed to failure.  However, locally, and right there within the confines of Seward County, Kansas, there could be some significant damages…

But in the case of the real Lucifer, we are talking about greater powers, vast resources and inhabited planets rather than mere municipalities.  Also, Lucifer is not a mortal — he will be around for a very, very long time, along with whatever parts of his plans he manages to implement.

Just as the hypothetical Sylvester could not decide for California, Iowa (other states) nor for other nations (Indonesia, Austria, Bangladesh, New Zealand) Lucifer’s  plan was doomed from the very start.  One thing we see clearly:  He had a monumental ego, even for a personality of great brilliance.

More about local inhabited planets in the following post


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