More about Our Planetary Neighbors and System Headquarters

Gagaku Etenraku

— the foregoing is very good for meditation and putting you in a spiritually connected mode

This blog entry is for people everywhere.  It is written with lots of help from higher-than-earth sources.  But I’ve spent many hours more preparing this blog entry of facts and the next one, following later, containing my conjectures about earth history over the last 202,000 years.

I decided it would be important to separate the facts from my conjectures.  The facts and many more facts are accessible here. Go through them carefully, or you will be at a loss as to my conjectures in the coming blog entry. Conjectures are quite minimized in this blog entry — it’s  just facts, except for one item: speculation on the exact location of that nearest inhabited planet.

I am writing for everyone.  I hope Russians, Europeans, Asians, Africans, Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Buddhists, and equally, at least some of the mentally and spiritually upper crust people everywhere else, will find this interesting.

There is abundant diversity on earth.  We do not find the many different pretty flowers strange — praises to Allah, God, or your name for highest source of inspiration.  We should not be surprised that God’s Cosmos is exceedingly more diverse, nor that other beings  have glorious destinies equal to our own.

The Planets in Our Local System*

*as used here, System with capital ‘S’ does not refer to solar system, does not refer to a galaxy nor a universe.  It refers to a small local Administrative unit containing 1000 mortal planets or less

The planets next mentioned are those with evolutionary mortals like our own.  But bear in mind that life is diversely adapted to each one.  Only  21% are sufficiently similar to our atmospheric and well watered planet  that we might survive (briefly, at least) if transported there.   [that is calculated from 70 percent of 30 % — explanation to math heads who read the references given in this blog entry]

Reference 1 is page 359 of big blue hard copy of THE URANTIA BOOK, also available online as Paper 32, section 2, UNIVERSE ORGANIZATION … paragraph beginning “The organization of planetary abodes…”

The figures below can be verified by any astute 6th grade student from the data on page 359.

Sometimes I will use data that are mathematically derived from a referenced page and other times I will quote it more exactly, all in accord with one purpose of this blog entry — to remind you to think about what you are reading.  If you churn it about, you always learn more (ask a math teacher).

Our Local System does not yet have a full complement of 1000 mortal spheres of abode.  We have 619 inhabited worlds:

Everyone knows there is at least one inhabited world in the solar system, and there are
510 other physical systems that have one inhabited world.
46 physical systems have two worlds
4 physical systems have three worlds
1 physical system has four inhabited worlds

This list enumerates mortal abodes solely, not any higher purpose or administrative spheres.   The higher spheres are more properly called ‘architectural’ spheres and were organized prior to the inhabited spheres of mortal abode, and likewise, all the administrative personnel and ministering angels higher up were created earlier.  Were it not so, we’d have no place to go higher after life on earth!

Reference 2 is page 519 of the big blue hardcopy of THE URANTIA BOOK, also available online as Paper 46,  THE LOCAL SYSTEM HEADQUARTERS.   Relax, Lucifer is in prison and no longer in charge there.  Likewise for his chief assistant and roving plenipotentiary, Satan.  The seven Mansion Worlds for ascending mortals hailing from the 619 worlds enumerated above are located there, and the Mansion Worlds are described in the following: Paper 47, page 530.

Reference 3 is page 509, Paper 45, THE LOCAL SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION, the new System Administrator is introduced in section 2, page 511

[by the way, you will notice this book is available in all major and many other languages, because it already has acquired readers from every  nation of our world since 1955]

One more paper you will need to read in order to understand better my next blog entry is
Reference 4, Paper 53, page 601, THE LUCIFER REBELLION

November 13, 2014 Update

After months of delay I’ve decided not to do my four pages about the Lucifer Rebellion for the following reasons:

1. The evils of the day are sufficient here, there’s no need to inspire further miscreants.

2. It would not be good reading for younger people, nor for many adults for that matter.

3. The End of the Age is not an appropriate time.

4. One of the numerous more worthy beings equal in rank to Lucifer, or some being of higher rank, should do this at a more appropriate time.

5. There is enough known for more experienced people to draw their own conclusions; further, I’ve gained the impression that the ministering angels do not approve such unedifying topics.  

6. Lucifer is vastly overestimated here.  He had very low rank in a tiny part of the cosmos and is now in prison as revealed in Isaiah 14.   The damages are limited to 37 local planets as opposed to trillions where the heavenly plans for worthy progress prevail without disturbance by disloyal higher beings.

Therefore future blog articles here will not involve details about Lucifer.

Lucifer did this about 202,000 years ago, roughly.   As you know, humans were not very advanced, so our world was quite vulnerable.  Only 37 of the 619 spheres of mortal abode were severely damaged.  It appears Lucifer received little or no support from advanced resurrected mortals, nor from advanced planets of mortal abode.   He did big damage amongst angels at System Headquarters, albeit even there two thirds of the angels remained steadfastly loyal to God and Christ. Satan, his chief assistant, roved amongst the System mortal spheres seeking to further the aims of the rebellion and to produce worlds subservient to Lucifer, with rebel angels and other higher planetary overseers implementing Lucifer’s new programs.

But 37 of 619 worlds is only 6% of one System so it was not as bad as many Muslims and Christians think,  only affecting a very small  part of the local cosmos, analogous to a county in the USA (see previous blog entry).   There are 10,000 Systems in the Local Universe.  Only one System, ours, was directly affected.

I am not saying everything I could here, else this blog entry would have 100 pages.  The references will enable the diligent to see how small the Lucifer Rebellion was in terms of the entire cosmos.  However, it was a big item in our small, very local area.

Our world is quite junior, the 606th planet started in our Local System.  Contrary to what many here think, we are FAR from being an advanced planet.  Actually we are only partially out of the primitive stage, albeit entering a millennium of rapid and ever changing advances as the latter days of the current age conclude.  [ if you doubt that — go here ]

Now we get to the very interesting topic of the inhabited world nearest us, a completely different world with no atmosphere, albeit it is home for mortals with destinies akin to our own.


Reference 5, Paper 49, THE INHABITED WORLDS, page 559, go to section 3,  WORLDS OF THE NONBREATHERS

Not a speculation:  I have read the entire referenced book carefully for nearly 35 years, so I can be sure when they say “close” to our own planet, they mean close from our point of view, not theirs.  That means within 4.2 light years at the most, and I am not able to rule out a moon of Saturn nor an undiscovered planet, nor Pluto, and so on, as concerns our very own solar system.

I do not fully know how closely NASA  and POCKOCMOC  have been looking at the various solar system moons.  But even I have seen pictures devoid so far of the big signs of life endemic to inhabited spheres, and there are other reasons  I am inclined to think it more likely this world  orbits Proxima Centauri, but I would not be surprised to learn the nearby inhabited sphere is closer. Barnard’s star is somewhat less probable. But these nearby stars are older than our sun…

That’s all a life sciences person can do for location, but I can be a bit more helpful as to the highly unusual biology of these fellow mortals, who experienced the Lucifer Rebellion as part of their history too.

Note for high schoolers:  This nearby planet is NOT merely going through space unattached.  That is impractical for life support from the higher viewpoint of System HQ as well as our own more lowly scientific viewpoints.  Inhabited spheres all orbit about a far more massive body as we do, but some may have light from two stars, a binary star (outside of my expertise to comment about the last, except that I have good reason to believe it is true for some inhabited spheres).

Seeing that we are number 606 of 619, among the last 14 mortal spheres started in our System, you should understand that beings on a planet nearby that did not require awaiting a viable atmosphere are likely senior to us — more advanced — and I will have more reason for so saying when I cover their physiology, and even more when you have seen my next blog entry, The Effects of Lucifer on Our Sphere.  Do NOT think I am saying they are dangerous or Luciferian, they were innocent victims, as we were.  In fact, they may be far advanced relative to us.  But they are very, very different because they are nonbreathers who live on a planet without atmosphere.  No doubt we’d regard our sphere as a paradise compared to theirs.

Life was tough for their ancestors:  “Millions upon millions of meteorites …  On the nonbreathing worlds the advanced races must do much to protect themselves from meteor damage by making electrical installations which operate to consume or shunt the meteors.  Great danger confronts them when they venture beyond these protected zones.  These worlds are also subject to disastrous electrical storms of a nature unknown [on our planet… And] during such tremendous energy fluctuation the inhabitants must take refuge in their special structures of protective insulation.”

“The nonbreathers do not consume food or drink water [as we do].”   Their physiology, heat regulation, nervous system reactions, metabolism are radically different from human.   More on page 564 of Paper 49 above, check it out!

“You would be more than interested… [ to know ] a race of such beings inhabits a sphere in close proximity to [earth].”

Nunitak has reason to believe they are expert beyond our wildest ken with rocks and crystals of all types, and that they have immense deep shelters and communal living spaces.

How exactly their physiology works is a severe challenge to doctoral earth scientists of all types, as well as the medical and biological crowd, which includes Nunitak.  They have no lungs.  No air means no airplanes, but I’m sure they’ve developed above surface vehicles requiring no tracks or roads, some type of antigravity or flying saucers are very likely.

Their life forms need further support from higher up as a basis for existence than we atmospheric types require.  So,  beings overseen by supervisory personnel of the Holy Spirit provide constant, stable, carefully and flawlessly managed life support energies to their planet. Energy types unknown to us.  These special life support beings are most likely more invisible to them than angels are to us.  They are called Energy Transformers and Energy Transmitters:  “These beings are indispensable to the maintenance of mortal existence on those worlds having an impoverished atmosphere, and they are an integral part of the technique of life on the nonbreathing planets.”

Reference 6, Paper 29, section 6, THE MASTER PHYSICAL CONTROLLERS  confirms the immediately preceding paragraph.
For your interest there are only 9 nonbreathing worlds among the 619 in our System.

I will have more to say about earth history, the Lucifer Rebellion, and our nearest planet in the next blog entry.   But again, I am NOT saying they share any responsibility with Lucifer in any way whatsoever.  I think they are very advanced and may have actually helped us greatly during very ancient times.

The next blog entry is more about what Lucifer’s similarly rebellious underlings did here and the various evidences that are scattered about the world.

Also, I do not know WHEN it will be UP because I am old and slow now.  It might be late January or early February.  Sorry I was late with this entry owing to exhaustion from 2013, and I estimated sooner than I was able.  Better late with quality than fast, sloppy and wrong.

I know the world is getting serious.  Keep your heads on, do not join the miscreants.  Christ is our Local Universe Creator as well as the Supreme Director of Rehabilitation for our planet.  We are in Good Hands higher up, if not always here.  Earth has a long future life and all who remain worthy will be saved.

Start READING the References given above so that you will understand my next blog entry.

The next blog entry should be interesting if you like very ancient history.


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